Being Proud

Funny how when you are a parent your proudest moments do not come from your own accomplishments but those of your children. Even if you do not have children, if someone asked you what your proudest moment was I would bet you would stumble over your response.

Is it self-confidence or a feeling that you do not wish to sound self-important? I’m not sure. I know I struggled with this post today in trying to figure out what my proudest moment would be if I exclude the girls.

I was proud when I lived on my own. Without family or boyfriend support. I was proud when I entered my marriage as an equal partner, that we married because we love one another and not because I needed a man to take care of me. I was proud when I graduated college, eight months pregnant with Bridget. I was beyond proud (and still over the moon) when I was chosen as a cast member for Listen to Your Mother (Boston).

But are these my proudest moments? Um….no.

My proudest moment is watching Abby interact with Bridget. How Abby nurtures and tends to Bridget not because she is a responsibility but because of love. Of watching Abby undertake her first public speaking event and acting like a natural. One full of confidence, grace and knowledge.

My proudest moment is watching Bridget succeed after working so freaking hard. At jumping, holding a pencil or feeding herself. Of seeing Bridget make friendships and connections. Watching her enjoying life at top speed and pity to anyone who puts limits on her.

As a mom of two completely different daughters I am going to have a lot of proud moments. Each of them will be my proudest, because each moment with these girls is the best moment of my life.

This is how I answered (poorly) the Finish the Sentence prompt…”My proudest moment”.

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18 thoughts on “Being Proud

  1. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    Not poorly answered in any way. Amazing and real and awesome. And you, in Listen to Your Mother and You, in life with your girls. Love love love you and perfect answer to the sentence.


  2. thelatchkeymom

    I’m trying again. Reading from my laptop, and for some reason my comment couldn’t be submitted. I think you rocked this post. And I am so proud of you for making the cast of the Boston show. Awesome. Definitely something to be proud of.


  3. Anna Fitfunner

    So we approached this prompt in very similar ways. There is plenty in our lives of which we can be proud. But I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I see what I’ve been able to create in my family. Not just what a child does in the moment; but rather how their lives intertwine with the rest of the family to create something special. I think that you have the same thing going on with Abby and Bridget and the rest of your family. Great post (I smiled as I read through it, and I’m smiling now!)


  4. Nicki

    I had the same experience, Kerri, examining my proudest moments and finding most of them related to my kids. Which is a wonderful thing! Love this: “Each of them will be my proudest, because each moment with these girls is the best moment of my life.”
    (and congrats on LTYM!!)


  5. Sandy Ramsey

    No way did you answer this poorly! This is beautiful and I know exactly how you feel. I think back about all the things I’m proud of and they still pale in comparison to the pride I have in my children. No…I think your answer is perfect.


  6. tamaralikecamera

    I don’t think it was answered poorly at all! Just honestly. These are similar to my proud moments, but it’s also nice to think back about entering a marriage for love as equal partners.



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