When pets multiply

It started simply enough. Since we met, we have always had a dog. First it was “my” dog, Max. Max was a terror. She didn’t like anyone but me. Until she was won over by David and then it was the three of us. We were happy. Then Max died and we broke a little.

Our family was incomplete. Less than a month later we had Baxter. Baxter was awesome. The dog that didn’t need training. Baxter was an only child until Abby came along. He went everywhere with us. If we were in the car, so was Baxter. He was our companion, our first born and one who would live in our hearts to this day.


As he was pre-child we did not think of how his name might prove difficult until Abby went to school. When asked her dog’s name, she replied, The Bastard. A little after Bridget was born, after a long and full-filled life, Baxter passed away. After the summer, Abby went back to school and proclaimed: The Bastard died, but it’s okay he was old.  We lasted just over a year and brought Bailey home.


Bailey was our first ever non-rescue and first puppy bought from a breeder. He’s dopey and his relationship with Bridget saves him more than it should. Especially after eating Abby’s Easter basket. He left Bridget’s alone. He’s smart like that. Bailey also makes a wonderful couch.


When he is not sneaking onto the couch.


Then we branched out. Abby got her bunny, Cotton Tale. She is cute, came from the MSPCA and is probably the easiest child we currently own.


Cotton Tale eats a little hay, all my salad scraps and she lives  outside. In short, the perfect pet.  She comes in for a visit now and then, but otherwise keeps herself entertained.

I enjoy looking outside in the morning and seeing her in her hutch. Abby takes complete care of her pet, other than cleaning the poop. She says it is because she cannot reach into the hutch. I’m letting that slide, for now…  Abby exercises Cotton Tale in the playpen she got for Christmas, feeds her and loves her.


Bridget tries to let her escape. Bailey tries to give her kisses. At least I hope that is what is happening and he is just not marinating her.


Then a friend “tagged” me on Facebook. A friend of a friend needed to get rid of a bunny quickly. It seems her teenager brought home a bunny without asking her parent’s or the bunny she lives with permission. The old bunny didn’t like the replacement bunny. Abby took one look and fell in love. Our hutch was built for two, and thus Smokey came to live with us. Or he lives with Cotton Tale.


As much as I love looking at the bunnies, the dog, the girls and David playing in the backyard, I am getting a tad concerned. All of a sudden there is talk of chickens. See we eat a lot of eggs and chicken. I’ve been worrying about all the hormones, antibiotics, etc….plus when you go through at least a dozen eggs each week it’s getting expensive buying organic.

But seriously, people, chickens! We are not farmers. I’m just getting used to the children let alone the rabbits. (FYI–I will hold the child, not the rabbit). Is this just a ploy by David & Abby to put me right over the edge?

I’ve held them off for now.

After all, I’ve stood firm on the pony.

2 thoughts on “When pets multiply

  1. TheMomCafe.com

    Ha!! My neighbor has chickens… They started as little tiny feathered chics… now they are HUGE!!! They escape sometimes into our yard… and they actually are a bit loud sometimes.

    But hey… FREE EGGS!! lol


  2. Autism Mom

    So funny! I totally get this – first it is one cat. Then there is the rescue cat. Then there is the hermit crab won at a fair (did he really get the ping pong ball into the cup?). Then there is the dog in an interminable puppyhood. How did we get all these animals?? 😀



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