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Spring for SIDS

Today’s throwback post is in memory of Colby. A bright and beautiful boy who was taken from his parents by SIDS. Three years ago after they lost their first born son, my friends started Colby’s Crusade to raise awareness, money for research to prevent another parent’s worse nightmare.

I ask everyone reading this post to donate today to the Spring for SIDS campaign. A campaign Colby’s parents participate in every April.  No parent should ever put their baby down for their last nap.

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The worst day

We have all had the “worst day” of our lives. Bridget, in all honesty, has given me most of mine. The time in the NICU, having to physically hold her down for testing and the list goes on. For every “worst day” she has given me countless best days.

That is not always the case.

Today two friends of mine is going through another worst day of their life. Three years ago these happy parents lost their first born, handsome, cute, full of laughter, son to SIDS. Although he was just five months old, Colby gave his parents a lifetime of happy memories.
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