Dear Disney (You got it wrong)

Dear Disney,

You got it wrong. Usually your TV programs are the one I encourage my children watch. Imagine my surprise the other evening when my children were watching “Jessie“. In the episode, Bye Bye Bertie, the loyal butler had enough of the children’s shenanigans and quit. Yes! I thought to myself. Finally the children (and mine) are being taught a lesson that adults are to be respected, that we are not here to just clean up their messes and we are not their friends.

Cue the next scene, when the butler is hired by the neighbor. A rich, extravagant woman with fetishes. First, what the hell are fetishes doing on a Disney program? Sure they go over my child’s head but Disney, you are sending a subliminal message and it isn’t pretty.

Then it got worse.

The rich lady had the butler put on tight shorts, talked to him in a degrading fashion and proceeds to chase him around the condo.

Does he quit because of the abuse? No.

Does he say, “you cannot treat hired help this way”? No.

Does he in anyway defend himself of call her on her actions? No.

Does he call the police, the condo association or any victim help group? No.

Do the children he used to serve and his former co-worker protect or defend him when they see him being abused? NO.

The Butler only quits when the children apologize for their behavior and ask him to come back. He is immediately replaced by another butler who is immediately subjected to the behavior that hasn’t been allowed in the workplace since Lilly Tomlin showed her boss who was in charge 9-5.

Did the Butler, the children or the nanny stop the abuse of the new butler? No. They ran away laughing.

Disney, if this had been an episode where the pretty nanny had to dress in tight clothes and be subjected to lewd comments from her rich boss it wouldn’t have made it from the writer to the table read. The episode would not have been filled with a laugh-track but poignant moments where you taught children everywhere what a respectful workplace looks like and how employers treat their employees.

Or they face a lawsuit and criminal charges.

Disney you could have done great with this episode. Debby Ryan, the STAR of the show, has been very public about being in an abusive relationship. She has a campaign about dating violence. Do you not think that maybe workplace violence falls into that same category? Did not one person at the network or on the show say this episode might be sending the wrong message?

Disney, you could have shown children how Bertram stood up for himself, how the children he serves stood up for him and how his coworker (their nanny) taught them how to behave.

Instead you went for the cheap laugh.

And my children have one more TV Show on their “do not watch” list.

A parent who knows what is funny and what is criminal behavior.

8 thoughts on “Dear Disney (You got it wrong)

  1. Maia Blessings

    I would hazard a guess that Mr Walt Disney would ardently agree with you & be horrified at how his name is being misused by the now conglomerate that is disney 😦 .. I read once that Robin Williams stood up to them .. refused to do as he was told to in a movie .. for similar reason as you mentioned … he was sued by them and became unhirable in so far as if anyone wanted to work /film for disney again ….. 😦 a sad mess really … and that’s me even staying of their appalling below minimum wage standards and even bad treatment of staff in their parks 😦


  2. christine

    I’m opposed to the Disney channel completely, unless it’s Disney Jr. Of the few snips I’ve seen of their shows, it’s a whole lot of adults portrayed as imbeciles and kids acting in ways I would never approve of my kids acting. PBS all the way for us. And SpongeBob. 🙂


  3. Dana

    Ugh. Another show gone wrong. Sadly, some of the more grown up shows my teens watch are better than what they used to watch on the Disney Channel.


  4. freebutfun

    …bot it makes me happy to read there are other mum’s out there who also react to some programmes and who also think kids should not watch just anything! I hope to have more of those around when the kids are old enough to have the “but mum, EVERYBODY else gets to do this” whine.


  5. Emily

    Wow, it’s amazing that scripts like that get approved in the first place! Makes me wonder what all those people in Hollywood are drinking – yikes.


  6. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    I haven’t seen it and will put it on my banned list, too! Thanks for that and it’s disgusting when any show, especially one supposedly made for children makes fun of somebody or treats them meanly for laughs. Sad. Seriously messed up.


  7. lookingforbluesky

    I haven’t seen this show, but it’s story lines like that that led me to banning my children from watching lots of popular shows, which did not impress them at the time, but they seem to understand it now x



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