I wish I knew….

I remember the first time we realized something was “wrong” with Bridget. At just a day old we thought it was just a health complication. One that would resolve. Less than a year later after more doctor appointments than I can recall we were given the news:

Your child has Special Needs.

I wish I had known that the words “special needs” didn’t matter. I wish I had not been devastated then, or numerous other times when we got news that brought us to our knees.


I wish I knew then that yes life would be difficult with Bridget. Yet it would be filled with more celebrations than I knew possible. That friendships would be forged through tears and laughter. I wish I knew six years ago that raising a child with special needs isn’t really that different than raising a typical child.

Both children with drive you crazy with their stubbornness, Both children will push your boundaries at bedtime and mealtime. Both children will have struggles at school. The typical and special needs child will break your heart a million times.


They will also restore it.


Both children will make your heart explode with pride when they succeed. Both children will have you sharing a million photos on Facebook. You will love both children will all of your being.

That is how I finished the sentence, I WISH I KNEW…brought to you by:

Kristi from Finding Ninee
Mardra from Mardra Sikora
Jill from Ripped Jeans and Bifocals

2 thoughts on “I wish I knew….

  1. Allie

    I get this (duh…). Rich and always say if we’d had a crystal ball back when we got our diagnosis, it may have been easier. The initial shock was so big and crushing, that we couldn’t even imagine the joy:).



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