If we were having a glass of wine…

A fellow blogger, Jamie, did a recent post entitled “if we were having coffee”, what would she say to the person across the table. I thought it was a great idea, but I don’t drink coffee. Thus the change in title.

If we were having a glass of wine I would tell you about the hectic weekend we had moving my parents moving from Virginia to our home. That we left at 3am on Friday for Logan airport, flew down and packed up her house. That we left VA at noon on Saturday and everyone in the free world was on Route 95 so it took us until 4am to get home. That it was only possible to do her move because we have a great village of supporters who took care of the girls, the bunnies and the Bailey. How much I appreciate the gift of friendship and families. How glad I am that both our parents will be in close location of their granddaughters and the positive changes happening in their lives.

If we were having a glass of wine I would tell you how I seem to be on a World War II reading binge. In the past month I have read The Nightingale, Unbroken, The Heart of a Soldier, I Lived a Thousand Years: Growing Up in the Holocaust and am just beginning Escape from Davao. I would ask if you had any recommendations for maybe a lighter read.

If we were having a glass of wine I would tell you how excited I was to be leaving in a few days to go camping with our friends. Our annual retreat where there is no WI/FI or cell service. The one week a year where we completely unplug from the world. How we were looking forward to floating down the river, campfires and community meals. That I would be using this time to hopefully break the Facebook obsession that is taking too much time away from actually living life.

If we were having a glass of wine I would tell you how I am currently failing in my running goals but that I hope to get back up to speed and dedication soon.

If we were having a glass of wine I would tell you how I feel the summer is slipping by faster than I can breathe. That while we have traveled and taken vacations it seems like September is coming faster than expected.

If we were having a glass of wine I would tell how nervous I am about all I have taken on recently. That I am worried I am doing too much, yet not enough. I would ask you where you thought I could extradite myself from or how to manage my commitments better.

If we were having a glass of wine I would tell you about how David has been working too much and we recently had a conversation based on the Zac Brown song, Free. How that someday we want that life. The one where it is just him and I in a van traveling the country. How before marriage, “real” jobs and family we would put the tent and dog in the car destination unknown. That we want to get back to that feeling of just being us, no qualifiers. That I miss that connection of my husband and yet am thankful that after all these years we still wake up and want to be there for the other.

If we were having a glass of wine I would ask how your week was and what was new with you.

So tell me, how are you?

8 thoughts on “If we were having a glass of wine…

  1. Allie

    I loved the Nightingale, and yes it was sad. Ouch. If you want a pick me up – read The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan. It is clever funny and happy. And it doesn’t matter whether you care for the real Royals or not. Seriously – LOVED it! I’ve been on a major FB sabbatical and it’s been awesome. Kids started school last Thursday, so I’m trying to get back into some kind of routine. August is a weird month for me. Our summer is over, but it is soooo not Autumn!


  2. christine

    I would love to sit and have a glass of wine with you. I don’t drink coffee either. 🙂

    Your last one hit me the most. Bryan has been swamped at work for quite a while. Between that and the schedule of teens,it’s been hard to find time for just the two of us. We dream of his retirement and the travel we’ll do. However, with my youngest starting kindergarten yesterday and my oldest becoming a junior in high school, I’m way more willing to wait for that retirement to happen.
    I’m glad the move went well, except for that massively horrible drive.


    1. firebailey Post author

      It is so difficult to find that time for the two of us. I admit he is much better at it then I am. I always have excuses why I can’t do something with just him. I’m trying to get better, sigh.


  3. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    If we were having a glass of wine, I’d tell you how I wish we had more alone time in New York. How I miss you.


  4. Mardra

    If we were having a glass of wine, hmmm, good call.
    I like coffee – but wine is so much more personal.
    Let’s do have a glass of wine sometime.
    I mean it. – Ms



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