Each Fall, I

Each fall, I wonder how much older I will get before I learn the fine art of coordination. I have fallen up the stairs (more than once, sadly), down the stairs, off a curb, over my own two feet and most recently over the dog.

Seriously, the dog. It was not a trip but a full-fledged Alley-Oop. Thinking I had cat-like eyesight I went into the kitchen (for what I cannot recall) and did not turn on the lights. I never realized before how much Bailey blends in with the floorboards. His coat is just about a perfect match to the stain.


There I was walking into the kitchen and BAM. Up I went into the air, falling straight to onto my knees and thanking the universe that my head narrowly missed the corner of the counter. Each fall, I always wonder if I am going to end up in the ER. I have gone for stitches in my chin, sprained ankles and twisted arms.  Thankfully there were no witnesses, and unlike prior falls no trips to the ER.

Until I heard a small voice in the dark whisper:

Mom, did you fall again?

That is how I Finished the Sentence: Each Fall, I….

Brought to you by the FTSF stunt women:

Kristi at Finding Ninee http://findingninee.com  
Julie Martinka Severson from Carvings on a Desk http://carvingsonadesk.com/
and Danielle Dion from https://wayoffscript.wordpress.com/

12 thoughts on “Each Fall, I

  1. myzania3350

    🙂 Oh yay! There’s someone who’s “adult” and still rather unco. (I’m very early twenties and I am clumsy as can be!)


  2. Julie Jo Severson

    Always happy to meet a fellow-clutz:) The worst incident I think was after my Homecoming dinner date junior year in college. I tripped and toppled down some stairs from the upper level dining room to the lower level and ripped one of my dress straps. I wasn’t hurt, but I was awfully embarrassed. As I always do when I’m embarrassed, I started laughing. And fortunately, so did my gracious date as he helped me up.


  3. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    I’m laughing too! Awesome way to finish the sentence my friend! Hilarious! Also you DO remember that I broke three bones in my hand falling off of a one foot cot right? Oh and I broke my ankle falling down the stairs when Tucker was like six months old. I had to bring him down the stairs on my butt.


  4. Mardra

    AHA!! That’s where I got it. I had mulled the FSF all week, about falling (thinking similarly along your lines – more literal, in a metaphorical sort of way) then I saw your headline, (but i didn’t read it yet cause I always wait to read everyone’s until after I write mine, but anyway) and then I wrote from your headline. Whew. None of this makes any sense to you right now, but there you go.
    NOW – Back to you – Yes! The FSF stunt woman. Love it ❤


  5. K

    Laughing as well, and I’m so glad you’re okay! I’m cringing just thinking about your face hitting the corner of the counter…that would have hurt!

    I can relate so, so much to this…in factttt – just last night, I turned off the light and was stumbling toward my bed in the dark; I still don’t quite know what happened, but somehow I missed my bed entirely and ended up in a heap on the floor! This sounds so ridiculous that I can hardly write it, but I banged my nose on the metal part of my bed frame so now I have a funny looking mark on my face. Like you, though, I was just grateful that it didn’t turn into an ER trip (that would have been an awkward situation to explain… “I was trying to climb into bed and I missed my bed entirely” hahaha).

    I’ve tripped over my dogs more times than I can count as well – in fact, I inadvertently taught them both the phrase “excuse me.” Now, whenever I say excuse me, they know to just get out of my way, and it’s easier for both of us. 😉

    That picture of Boo and Bailey might just be one of the cutest pictures I’ve ever seen, by the way. She looks like she’s using him as a pillow and he looks like he’s almost enjoying it! 😉 And you’re right – Bailey camouflages perfectly with your floorboards!


  6. Anna Fitfunner

    A wonderful way to end the prompt this week! I often look for ways to change it up, but this is one that I didn’t even see! Of course, I’m hoping that in the future you’ll be able to see Bailey a bit better from now on. Falling may not have been problematic so far, but your nine lives will only last so long! 😉


  7. Eli Pacheco

    Falling is fine as long as you’re able to share the story! Otherwise, it won’t matter, right?

    I tripped trying to carry my cat in from a rainstorm once. As I fell I pitched her forward and she landed safely on the dry front porch. Not me.



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