It’s wine o’clock

If we were having a glass of wine…

I would tell you that I am freaking exhausted, after being up with a sick Bridget all night. I would say she is feeling better now, that I am sure it was just a 24 hour bug. I would confide in you that every time she gets sick I worry that we are going to be hospitalized. It makes me more cautious, cancelling school and therapy appointments. I would also joke that she must realize I am going away tomorrow night. She tends to get sick right before I have leave.

I would tell you how excited I am about Friday night. When I am meeting 11 of my village members for dinner, a night in a hotel followed by rolling around in the mud on Saturday. That somehow I convinced 10 other women to join me at Mudderella New England on Saturday. I would laugh when you remind me that there is a hurricane scheduled for this weekend. I would tell you we are already planning on getting muddy, what’s a little wind?

I would tell you how thankful I am that I can call a friend at 8am just to say men suck for Christ’s Sake! You would say, of course they do but I have to drop my boy that sucks off at school so let’s chat in an hour.

I would tell you how I was convinced to sign up for a half-marathon. You would remind me that it was on my 2015 bucket list. I ran six miles over the weekend, my thighs are freaking killing me. I didn’t realize when I signed up how long it will actually take to finish.  Who the hell wants to run for over two hours, I would ask. You would snort your wine and say obviously someone who wasn’t thinking clearly.

I would tell you I did one whole day of healthy eating. Forsaking M&M’s and any processed food. I had cereal, a protein shake (and it didn’t kill me) and a healthy salad.  I would confess that lasted until about 1pm when the lure of M&Ms overpowered my will power. I did try, I would say as we snacked on chips & salsa.

I would tell you that Fall can kiss my flip flops.

I would tell you that I was better at healthy eating than I was at giving up Facebook.  I need to take a hiatus but, like Micheal Corleone it keeps pulling me back in.

I would explain that the screaming you heard coming out of my house was over homework. I firmly believe that homework has become teacher’s revenge for having to deal with children all day. We would laugh when I said the only upside of Fall is that the windows will be closed and you will no longer have to hear me screaming JUST FOLLOW THE FREAKING INSTRUCTIONS.


We would open another bottle and I would ask how your week was….

5 thoughts on “It’s wine o’clock

  1. christine

    Got quite a few chuckles out of this imaginary glass of wine. 🙂
    I hope Bridget is completely better before you leave. Your weekend sounds like so much fun!! Enjoy every minute! I have always wanted to do a mud run with the kids. It would cost a pretty penny for all of us, though.
    You really weren’t thinking clearly when you signed up for that half-marathon. My husband used to run. He even did an Ironman and an extreme run (100 kilimeters). I just can’t understand why anyone would want to run for longer than a minute.
    The temps are really dropping this week. I hate it.
    Yay M&Ms! 🙂


  2. Allie

    I love these posts. I keep saying I’m going to write one, and then I never do. Mud? Hurricane!?! We almost went to the cape this weekend. We’re on Fall Break and I was sooooo tempted. But prudence won out (and my low saving account), and we are here. Considering the weather it was the right choice. Drink on…



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