Fairy tales

I love to read. Seriously love to read and do not understand those who say they don’t have time. But I must confess to not reading to my children.  I don’t know why. Yes, I do. It’s because I read in my head much faster than I do out loud. Plus it never sounds right in my own voice.  When I read I hear the characters, I visualize them and their surroundings.

Except when it comes to fairy tale heroines.  I do not need to pretend or to visualize how they may appear or act. I know exactly who she that person is:

She is the girl that will spend 3 hours setting the scene before playing with her Barbies, yet more…

She is the girl who will be engrossed in a book for so long that her teacher has to tell her to stop reading, yet more…

She is the girl who slays her sister’s temper with a hug, yet more…


She is the girl who patiently waits for her friends to catch up, yet more…

She is the girl who refuses to compete and instead wants to lead everyone in doing their best, yet more…

She is the girl who is willing to stay out of the spotlight, not get the recognition she deserves (however the first one to photobomb), yet more…


She is the girl who sees fairy houses in trees, yet more..

She is the first to volunteer, the first to want to make change for the betterment of all of us, yet more…


She is the girl who loves all animals, yet more…


She is the true hero of her sister, yet more…

She is mine, my own private fairy tale hero, the girl that sees beauty in every piece of her world.


Thanks for being my Fairy Tale Hero

This is how I finished the sentence, If I were a Fairy Tale Creature….brought to you by:Julie Smeltzer (http://www.velvet-rose.net/), co-host with Vidya Sury (http://vidyasury.com/) and Krisit Campbell (http://www.findingninee.com/).

10 thoughts on “Fairy tales

  1. Allie

    Okay – you got me. Crying. Beautiful:)! Save this and read it to her before she gets married.

    Another note my love to read friend. Check out my latest post about my new “Books of My Life” series – you have to participate:)!


  2. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    This is beautiful and perfect. I love it so much. Thank you for writing it and for linking it to Finish the Sentence. *sob* I have to meet your girls. I must.



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