We cannot stay silent

I’ve tried not to write this post. I told myself not to get involved.

That’s a problem and there is a bigger one.

We have presidential candidates saying there must be a registry for a religion. We have Senators stating that we will only allow Christians and Jews to seek sanctuary on our shores. We have sanctioned racism on social media. We have allowed fear of a few jeopardize the many.

When did we stop being home of the FREE?

Our country was founded on the premise of freedom for all. Sure we had some not-so-proud moments and have not always held true to the founding father’s ideals. We are supposed to learn from history, not repeat it. Freedom of Religion, it is our first right (um, before the freedom to bear arms by the way) as a citizen of this country. I am not willing to abdicate our Constitution because of terrorism. As a friend of mine said recently, unless you are Native American, you are the product of an immigrant. This country was founded due to religious persecution. We are a country of immigrants. How can we veer so far away from what our country stood for?

When did we stop being the home of the BRAVE?

It is not bravery that shuts our borders and threatens one religion over another. It is not brave to let fear win. We send our young men and women into war, to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Yet we will say not in our backyard? Oh, let’s send Jake over to X country to save those people. No they cannot move into our neighborhood. How can we ask our soldiers to be brave if we are unwilling to be as fearless?

When did we stop being AMERICANS?

Our country began the United Nations to join with other countries to fight together against evil. Together all of the countries were convinced that “that complete victory over their enemies is essential to defend life, liberty, independence and religious freedom”. (The Yearbook of the United Nations)  Today too many of us seem to be willing to deny the US Constitution and the UN Declaration.  We are allowing the actions of one radical group of terrorists to change the very fabric of our World. We used to lead the charge with moral impunity, wanting to spread democracy and end oppression. We were the heroes, the saviors of the World. When did that stop?

We are letting the terrorists win.

That’s not American at all. Being an American means we challenge one another but we also accept one another. Is terrorism real and frightening? Hell yes. I am terrified every day that another 9/11 or USS Cole or France will happen. I am saddened that I am raising two beautiful girls in a world where the enemy might be at the mall.

I refuse, though, to let that fear win. I will not be silent when my friends, just because of their religion, are told they must be treated differently. We must speak out.

In the prophetic words of Pastor Martin Niemoller:



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