Learning to fly

Everyone should have a friend that is a daredevil. That friend that takes you out of your comfort zone. Sometimes I’m that friend who is able to convince others to get off the couch and try something completely strange and weird (aka Muderella). Sometimes I’m that friend that convinces you that you are stronger than you think (mile 9 during our first half-marathon).

Sometimes I’m the friend that is just along for the ride. Hoping that our friendship won’t lead to a medical bill.

Last weekend I attended trapeze school.

Willingly attended trapeze school.

My friend received it as a gift and I was her plus one. I figured I made her run a half-marathon, the least I could do was try. I’m not afraid of heights, I do not think myself as being an adrenaline junkie. I thought it would be fun.

I should say, I did not think I was afraid of heights. Until I climbed the ladder, looked down and thought HOLY CRAP.   Now, contrary to my mother’s opinion, I was completely safe. The trapeze school was beyond safety conscious. I was tethered at all times and even if I fell there was a net and someone holding my strings. It wasn’t so much the flying, it was the letting go of the safety ladder that bothered me.

When I think of my life, I realize that I do this a lot. I’m completely comfortable in handling things and being in control. It’s letting go and trusting someone to hold my safety harness that I begin to have issues. I micromanage Bridget’s health and schooling. I have become slightly helicopterish when it comes to granting Abby some independence. I leave lists for my husband, who is perfectly capable of doing things around the house.

On Saturday I had to let go of that control and trust that I was safe. Although my legs were shaking before and after each attempt, the shaking became less with each flight. The very last one I told the platform safety guide I was afraid to mess up the timing of the catch, because no matter how hard I tried I was afraid to let go of the safety ladder.

Her response? You’ve been doing this all day, the only thing that has changed is you are getting better. (She also added that she would push me–but I’m pretty sure she was kidding).

The more I gush about the experience, the more I realize that we all have the ability to overcome fears. Once I knew the truth, I could no longer talk myself out of letting go of that safety bar.  The truth was, I just need a friend to push me. And so do you, you need to surround yourself with friends that push you to let go and fly.

Thank you to Lauren for giving me the most fun I could ever imagine. Thank you to Deanna, Jacob, Sara and Ryan for making us completely safe and successful. I’m still smiling 5 days later.  I cannot wait to come for our second class in March.

And for anyone out there that has not put trapeze school on your bucket list. Do it. Today. Like now.

Yes, this is me!!!!

This is how I Finished the Sentence this Friday….Once I knew the truth, I could no longer talk myself out of….Brought to you by Kristi from Findingninee..com)
and this week’s sentence thinker-upper, Leah from Little Miss Wordy (https://littlemisswordy.wordpress.com/


I attended Trapeze School New York (Boston location). I was not compensated in any manner for this post. In fact they don’t even know I wrote about the experience.  Get out there friends, and fly. You will never regret it. 

13 thoughts on “Learning to fly

  1. Lauren

    That’s was the hardest thing I’ve done in a long time. I’m not necessarily afraid of heights. I am afraid of losing control. My brain often tries to convince me that ‘everyday’ things, like riding in the back seat of a car, are fight or flight worthy. I know they’re not but the primitive part of my brain is powerfully convincing. It enlists the help of my heart rate, and breathing and physiology (sweating, feeling faint, dizzy, feeling like throwing up) to try to beat me into submission. I’ve learned that these are only feelings. There is no danger. On Saturday I was not afraid I would die or break a bone. I was of feeling all those feelings and not being
    able to beat them. There are a handful of people who know me well, and recognize my strength even when I feel powerless. My husband, my family, my Kerri and my Christine. I am so grateful. It took a while, and lots of sweat and shaking and rapid heartbeat. But I let out a scream. And was able to let go.

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  2. flemily

    That looks awesome and that video and photo of you are even more awesome-er! I can see how you’d be so proud of yourself for trying something like that…you’ve convinced me to consider it!



    I did the trapeze school at their old location.It was the scariest thing I have ever done ( I am very afraid of heights) but with extremely shaky legs I closed my eyes and let go! I was so excited I did it and loved it.Would love to do it again but not liking the very tall ladders the new location.At the old one other were stairs !! I also wasps go I go do theMudderella but it was the year they. Hanged the location to Maine the week before so we never did it.That same year I also did a zip line.It’s amazing what fun you can have when you fight your fears


    1. firebailey Post author

      It really is amazing what friends can help you do! I did Mudderella in Maine, I enjoyed it more than the one in CT. I think stairs would have been much easier. For me I was okay with the climb up, it was when the bar felt like it was pulling me off the platform I had an issue with.

      And when I got to actually fly? Amazing!


  4. littlemisswordy

    Wow! I’m so impressed! I’m really afraid of heights and could have never done this. I love your interpretation of this week’s sentence. We all have areas in our lives where we allow fear to dictate our limitations.


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