It’s hard to break-up

Bridget has been in therapy since she was 3 months old. She began speech therapy before her second birthday. We started at three visits a week, then went down to two. Since beginning kindergarten we have decreased the visits to once a week.

Between physical, occupational, hydro and speech therapy we are at the pediatric rehab center two to four afternoons a week. Sometimes we are lucky and can do visits back to back. But that means Bridget leaves the house at 8:30 in the morning and doesn’t get home until 6 in the evening.

It’s become our second home and our safety net. 

When Bridget’s speech therapist first broached the subject of taking a break, I was in shock. What…why….don’t they like her???? She just started talking, for real talk, where I don’t have to interpret for her. She can tell you what she did today (with prompts).

Then the occupational therapist finds you in the hall.

So, Kerri, did (ahem) so-and-so talk to you about “maybe” taking  a break in OT services?

Fearing some kind of conspiracy, I peaked into the PT gym. Yup, ‘Mantha was still working with Bridget. At least some one doesn’t want a break.  Kind of like the Meatloaf song, Two out of three ain’t bad….in reverse.

Was there some type of meeting I wasn’t aware of? Did all her therapists get together and finally figure out that Bridget has been going there longer than most of them have been employed? Why do they think we need a “break”.

And you know, ladies, a “break” is code word for I never want to see your face again.

We have all, seen that look.

What are we going to do with our afternoons? What if she regresses?

The answer: Um….let her be a kid. Let her play and have fun this summer. Come back in the fall for an eval. If you even think she is regressing, call and we will meet you to decide. But let her be a kid.


She’s not just a kid. She is Bridget. She has plateaued in some areas. But she hasn’t regressed. She is still not where a seven year old should be.

She will never be where her typical age is but she is beyond her developmental age. I  should be happy. I know my insurance company will be doing back flips.

And I have a back-up plan.

No matter what we are not giving into PT. Bridget has outlasted every PT hired. She has been going to PT since she was 5 months old. ‘Mantha, beware….you are not to suggest a break until Bridget is an ace soccer player.

I’m signing my running partner, Bridget’s SPT, up for another road race. I’m devising a way to make Christine need play dates with our kids.  They thinks they can get away from us? I don’t think so!

Lace up your running shoes, Lauren. Christine you are babysitting!

And Lisa? I know where you live 🙂



3 thoughts on “It’s hard to break-up

  1. Lauren

    The only ‘gression Bridget is going to make is PRO-gression. (Paul and I took several ‘breaks’ (initiated by him) and look how we’ve progressed 😏.) You know how to support her and rest assured we’ll make sure you continue to do your homework. We know where you live. And how dare you insinuate that we would ever get tired of seeing that red headed spark plug!


  2. Lisa

    If it’s any consolation we will miss you as much as you miss us! We will always be right where we’ve been when it’s time to come back…..and please, if you are in the neighborhood do stop by!!


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