Even Suri wonders

Do you ever play with Siri? It’s one of Abby’s favorite past times. We have done the Zero divided by Zero question. We have asked her to sing Happy Birthday (She told us she doesn’t sing).  Abby has even asked her to call me Mommy who doesn’t craft. Let me tell you, the first time I voiced texted and she replied, “I’ll send it Mommy who doesn’t craft” I almost drove off the road.

We have asked Siri a lot of questions.  We have asked what to do when you are bored. We have asked if she was our friend.

I was leaving for work the other day and Bridget asked, “you working, mom”? (HELLO SPEECH!). “Yes”, I replied. “Why you working so much?”, was her response. Abby decided that was a question for Siri.


Well, ask an obvious question…get an obvious answer.


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