Who knew I had a catchphrase?

When I first met David he had this term, “I turned around…” He used it all the time to it became a running joke between us.  He would say, I turned around…I would reply, “what direction were you facing?”

A few years ago Abby learned the term, “literally”. Unfortunately she did not learn how to appropriately use the word in a sentence. It just to drive me crazy, not literally. I was just happy that the word “like” seems to have been eradicated from her vocabulary. 

My sister-in-law has the term, “and what not”. It might be “knot”. I’m not sure as I still haven’t figured out how “what not” relates to whatever subject she is discussing. I do find it cute that my nephew and his girlfriend have now begun adding the term to the end of their sentences.

My Gram used to say “for Cripes sake” because then she would never take her Lord’s name in vain.

My coworker says, “okie dokie” and I silently reply in my head: smokey.

My brother and anyone from New England says “wicked” and expects those in the South to understand what we mean.  It took his wife a bit to realize it wasn’t just her new husband but her new family who used the adjective without a thought.

I never wondered if I had a personal catchphrase. Until I began my new job.  One day my boss turned to my coworker and said, “Hey Jane, did you realize we say the word “perfect” a lot more since Kerri started?”.

For Cripes sake, I turned around and realized that I  literally say “perfect” and what not.

I am now catching myself at work when speaking to a customer. I am realizing how often I finish a conversation (and an e-mail) with, perfect! I cannot stop. I have tried, I have stumbled and I have bit my lip.




2 thoughts on “Who knew I had a catchphrase?

  1. Leslie

    When Josie was a toddler riding in the front of the shopping cart, we were looking over the green peppers or something one day. I said “let’s see,” and she said “LET’S NOT SEE!” and cracked herself up. That’s how I found out how often I say “let’s see” at the grocery store. Short for “let’s see, here,” I guess, but since I had no idea I was even saying it, maybe I’m not the person to ask.



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