Along comes a milestone


We waited a long time for Bridget to speak. It took years of therapy and patience. I remember the first time she said “Abby”, “hooker” and “I love you”. For ages, we were Bridget’s translator to the world around her.  We knew what she was saying, the world around her usually looked at her like she was speaking a foreign language.

Over time, Bridget’s articulation became more pronounced. Suddenly, the girl without words was shouting, “Miss Tisha Look At ME!”. 

We went from wondering if our daughter would ever speak, to wondering if anyone else would understand her meanings.  In small steps, we found our role as Bridget’s interpreter being needed. For every classmate that didn’t understand her, two friends would automatically step in to explain.  We watched our child moving from the sidelines to being the center of the game.

Just recently Bridget accomplished a new milestone, the one of using her imagination. I have waited so long for Bridget to pretend, to play and to amuse herself for hours on end. While she seems to have missed that milestone, Bridget has perfected the art of story telling.

Just like when she accused her teacher of eating her cupcakes, I am pretty sure Bob the van driver was not part of some underground pickle caper.

I am also pretty sure she has never even had a pickle.

First came the babbling milestone, then the first word and phrase. Then came the van driver needing a pickle alibi.

Bridget’s milestones are just like her, unexpected and always entertaining.

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