100 Days

It is well known that I suck at crafts. I’m not being harsh on myself. In fact, there is a woman who can testify that I gave her strangest baby blanket (that was thankfully saved by my mother).

The time I tried to make image number 1 and ended up with image number 2.

Then there were the school projects that almost got Abby expelled.

The time I only had to tie a bracelet Abby spent hours putting beads on, and I dropped it so she had to restart.

Quite simply, this momma don’t craft.

Crafts, unfortunately, are every where (and every freaking year if you have a school age child).

When her sister was in first grade, we had to celebrate the 100th day of school. She had to bring 100 of something. Mom of the year that I am, I had no clue what to do. She ended up gluing 100 chick peas on a plate and painting them.  I was not allowed near the paint, in case you are wondering. The glue either.

(Aside, in 7th grade I glued by fingers together putting on a fake nail in Lisa’s kitchen. I have ALWAYS sucked at crafts).

Back to my trauma.

Bridget’s in first grade. Apparently the bring 100 things for the 100th day of school is a tradition and not a fluke. Mom of the year that I am, it took a text from her teacher to remind me. I admit I panicked. I also wanted something that Bridget could participate in making. I wanted her to be able to walk into school and own her project.

Hampered by my inability to craft or Pintrest (I just got hives thinking about that), I found an unused poster board (who knew that was in my house?) and found the glue from where it had been hidden. But what to glue? Do I even have 100 of anything but grey hair?

I frantically searched the house. Who just bought a big old industrial size container of animal crackers! Then I let Bridget get creative:





For those of you counting, no there are not 100 animal crackers on the poster board. Some were eaten in the name of art.

But my girl did her own 100 day project and I didn’t glue my fingers together.

I’m counting this as a win.

2 thoughts on “100 Days

  1. Susan Pike

    She loved it, and came in holding it up. She was very excited to show everyone, and knowing Bridget, of course there was eating 😉


  2. Louise

    YAY Bridget; she will b so excited to show her project. YAY you, creative and relevant to Bridget’s interest (mine too)–children should always do their own projects–it’s their learning experience not a who’s the craftiest most clever Pinterest mom with lots of time on her hands. Once again, kudos to B and you!



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