I love us

I love us, my village.  My friends I just met. My friends I have known my whole life. My friends that live next door and my friends that live in the next country. I love that I can say I have a friend in my town and in the United Kingdom.

I want to thank each and every one of you, but that would be a novel. Instead I will just thank you, my friends. Thanks to your friendship I am a better Mother, a better Person and a better Friend.

Though I am always going to be that friend that forgets to put the card/gift in the mail (sorry, Lisa).

Thank you to my Spaulding friends, who started as Bridget’s therapists and became my friends.


Thank you to my High School friends that reconnected and/or reaffirmed our friendships.


Thank you to my PTA friends that showed me volunteering isn’t just for the kids benefit but for all of ours.

Thank you to my friends that do not have children but tolerate mine.

Thank you to my PACS1 friends that answer a text at 2am.



I love “us”. I am grateful that I have an “us” and sincerely feel bad for those who do not have an “us”. I love that “us” is diversified and from every walk in my life. I love that “us” means as much to me as it does to “us”. Thank you to every member of my village. I adore you and hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day.

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