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Today’s FTSF Prompt is to show a photo and tell the story behind. it. I’m going to do this a little backwards today. Instead I am going to tell you about the photo, about why these photos are so important and then show you them.Last winter when Bridget had her huge evaluation, which I seem to be discussing in bits and pieces, one of the things that jumped out at me is her lack of conversations skills. The three doctors (yes, three) encouraged us to amp up her speech therapy. To refocus goals, because conversation as her friends get older the ability to communicate is going to be her number one priority.  About a month ago we got the finalized reports and I sent them everywhere. If you are treating Bridget in any way, you have probably had your eyes glazed over by the depth of the reports.  Bridget also got a new speech therapist.

She’s a freaking rock star.

After just two visits with Bridget she determined that it wasn’t that Bridget didn’t want to communicate, it wasn’t that she wasn’t communicating. Bridget was just communicating in a non-sequential way.  In the 45-minute visit, Bridget had told the SPT all about her day. Except not in order and not in context. Most (including myself) would have just taken it as Bridget rambling and repeating. This SPT realized Bridget was repeating because she knew that the SPT wasn’t understanding what Bridget was trying to say.  Once the SPT figured out that Bridget was telling different parts of the story in the wrong order. Bridget doesn’t have the concept of time. Of first this happened, then something else and finally a result.  Then the SPT created a plan.

In one visit. She consulted with Bridget’s former SPT, she asked me questions and then she thought out of the box.

The muffin box.

This is what effective and creative speech therapy looks like:




Using these photos, in order, Bridget not only can tell us what she did in speech therapy. We have to prompt her to use all the words, not just say (and sign!) “stir”, but say then I stirred it. The SPT didn’t leave us any room to mess Bridget up, giving us the prompts right on the photo.

Bridget can tell us how to make a muffin.

I wonder what else she has been trying to tell me?


This photo Friday has been brought to you by Kristi at Finding Ninee. Now go get a muffin.

7 thoughts on “Finish that Photo

  1. Kristi Campbell

    I love it! She’s a rock star and how awesome that you found a new speech therapist who got it and found a way to help her communicate better. So awesome!!! Also, YOU are a rock star for sharing all the reports and finding the better speech therapist. xo


  2. Clark Scottroger

    Impressive work on the part of the speech therapist! I mean applying skills and techniques of a profession is one thing, to be able to step back (or above or aside) in such a radical (and ultimately productive way. You are fortunate to have found such a person.
    And the realization of what is/has been happening with her in regards to (her) efforts to communicate must be one of those startling paradigm shifts that would take your breath away. All in a positive way.


  3. Pat B

    That therapist is fantastic in being able to see what others were not seeing. What a difference this is going to make for Bridget and those with whom she is trying to communicate.



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