When your kid turns out imperfect

In some ways we were lucky.  We knew at day 1 (even tho the nurses didn’t believe us) that something was wrong with Bridget.  Which sounds awful. Because Bridget isn’t “wrong” but she definitely had unexpected issues.

But what happens when you have a happy life and then BAM life kicks your ass?

Here’s the thing. When you have a child who is smart, who is athletic, who is a “normie” it is a kick in the gut to discover otherwise. I feel it must suck on a level I don’t understand to realize your perfect world got upended. All I can do is be there to catch you when you fall. To be there for the 504 or IEP process. To connect you to the resources I have.

So reach out.

Because alone we are overwhelmed. Together we are epic.


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