What I want to learn.

I’ve been thinking about the murders and terrorism in New Zealand today

And saw this meme

Thought about all the hate in this world.

It makes me sad and heartbroken

Just like the Holocaust survivors murdered in the Synagogue, people were murdered in their house of worship

They should’ve been safe

I’m so sad

It’s not fair. It’s not right. We as a global society are better than this. They deserve more.

They deserved to live.

We need to stand against hate

In our neighborhood

In our Country

In our World

What I want, no need, to learn is how to make our world safe for my girls.

Safe for your children

Safe for all

Because we need to stand against this terror

We need to stand shoulder to shoulder without neighbors and say you’re safe with me


This is how I Finished the Sentence, I want to learn…,

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