The Year was 2019

The Year was 2019 and Bridget owned it.

In January of 2019 she rang in the New Year, touched the snow for the first time without panicking and rocked a Bat Mitzvah.

In February she traveled to Texas and celebrated PACS1 Day with her PACS1 siblings around the world.



In March she surprised me by learning to roll down her window in the car. It was 55 degrees out and she was ready to be all done with winter.


In April she discovered the love of Mini-Golf and indoor Hockey



In May she traveled to Florida for a friend’s graduation party. She danced in the waves, the beer garden and ate lots of pizza.

In June she rocked field day at school and taught me the best way to wash a car. 62217598_2148258548555273_5052771759497936896_n62523498_2155523204495474_2300792926537515008_n

In July she learned to sail and fell in love with Buzz Lightyear.


In August she walked in the river, learned to kayak and climbed up and down a structure without a safety net.


In September, she started 4th grade. Renewed friendships (with pizza and mini-golf) and learned how to pick an apple.


In October she trick or treated and volunteered at a Halloween event for younger children. No one got by without getting their candy.


In November, she participated in the school science fair and celebrated her first ever friends birthday party. There was pizza, cake and dancing.


In November, she lost her best friend and their love lives on.

In December she went to her first ever musical and made us wonder what she is thinking under that Santa Hat.


In 2019 there were many milestones met. She lived life out loud.  I cannot believe how much she has grown this year. Her friendships are true, she smile full of mischief and her determination to prove she can knows no bounds.

I cannot wait to see how she conquers 2020. Please follow her journey here and on Facebook.


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