If we were sharing a bottle of wine

Let’s face it, times like this a glass may not be enough to cover everything we would share with just a glass of wine…

I would tell you we treated ourselves with take-out one night this week. It’s funny how much our lives have changed, I never realized how un-inventive I am when it comes to meal planning or how much I enjoyed eating out.


I would tell you that the girls are doing okay. That this staying at home thing has been so good for their relationship. I always knew they had a very strange and lovable relationship, but to see it strengthen and not weaken during this time has been surreal.

I would tell you that I know I am lucky to be considered “essential” and have to go to work every day. I would ask you how you are holding up, working from home unable to escape.

I would tell you I have this new game I play. I randomly scroll through my contact list. Whatever friend’s name it lands on I call. Just to check in. Abby told me that this a “my generation” thing, her friends are fine with just texting.

I would tell you that the upside of having a bored teen at home is that she has reorganized my kitchen cabinets, the bathroom cabinets, her bedroom and Bridget’s room. I hoping she will tackle the basement next week.

I would tell you I am saving a lot of money on gasoline. Which kind of stinks because for the first time in forever you can get gas for $1.70.

I would tell you that I am amazed that David is a hunter, yet he manages to wake the girls up every morning by making too much noise.  I now understand his lack of success when I sent him on that birthday moose hunt years ago.

I would say that the one perk of raising Bridget is that we always lived in the unexpected. I would acknowledge that you are now living an unexpected life. I would ask are you okay? Are you holding on by the fingertips or do you have a firm grasp? Do you need me to hold your virtual hand (with you know what seems 600 miles of social distance)?

I hope you would answer truthfully and allow me to help you.

Consider it payback for the years you have kept me sane as I navigate life with Bridget and downpayment for the years ahead.



Please note, I would never ask a therapist, teacher, ESP or doctor/nurse work during this unprecedented pandemic.  However something is happening to families whose child has special needs and we have to talk about it.


1 thought on “If we were sharing a bottle of wine

  1. Mike Kondracki

    Glad to hear you doing welll and still working. We are doing good. Girls are buried in college work. Dori is teaching from home? I am still working almost every day at the golf course. Keeping tabs on the FF’s is tough, though I haven’t heard David’s name mention. I haven’t heard how Matt Thompson is doing. Heard that shift got hit bad. Drop us a line when you get a chance. Countcg@comcast.net is my email so it might be easier to forward a joke or two.

    Mike, Dori and the girls.



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