It’s time to relax and wine

How has your week been?

Are you ready to give up or did you conquer this week?

Mine has been a little of both.

There have been moments of despair, when I realized how excluded Bridget and students like her are from this “distance learning” schools across the country have enacted.

There have been moments of hilarity, when I get a text from Abby telling me how Bridget’s first speech tele-therapy went.


There have been moments of worry, when I have a sincere fear that the girls are never going back to school.

There have been quiet moments, when I wake up in the morning and the house is asleep with no hustle and hurry the freak up so we can get out of the house moments.

There have been moments that would not have happened if the girls were not home.

There have been the moments when I am reconnecting with friends, whether it is FaceTiming Australia, WhatApping Italy or calling my old PTA crew.

There have been moments of worry when David comes home from work and I hope he hasn’t brought the pandemic with him.

There have been so many moments that balance out the fear and worry. There have been moments of comfort from friends. There have been moments of camaraderie as we all wonder if our husbands will survive being attached to our hip.

There have been moments.

It is the moments that make us stronger that we need to remember.

And that is why we wine, to be stronger together even if it makes our teenager shake their head with embarrassment when the speech therapist asks a leading question.



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