Small Steps to Independence

There are days and moments when I know that as a family we impede Bridget’s independence. It’s not malicious, it is just easier. All parents do this to some extent. We cut their food for much longer than we need to, we pick them up and carry them when we are in a rush, we let them have cereal for dinner because as parents we are just done for the day.

There are so many ways that I know as parents we take the easy way out. We are not wrong, we are surviving the day. Because it is easier and I am on a schedule to get out the door in the morning, I typically dress Bridget. Can she do it on her own? Sometimes on the weekends. When there is no rush and we (I) don’t care that her outfit is a mismatch. Or not only do we have time to inspect and notice that not only is her underwear on backwards and kind of sideways, we have time to realign things to make the van on time.

The other morning, over the monitor I heard drawers being opened and Bridget muttering to herself. As I went into the kitchen I was greeted by this:

It is 30 degrees out. Bridget is wearing not only a shirt sleeved shirt, but shorts. St. Paddy’s day was 2 weeks ago. I’m cold just looking at her.

But she did it herself and was so proud of her accomplishment. So instead of changing her to a more appropriate outfit, I let her go to school. I did send a warning to her teacher and snuck sweatshirts and pants into her backpack.

I’m getting up earlier and giving her the time to pick out her outfits and she is having a 60/40 success rate of putting the clothes on right-side out and not backwards.

I’m also hiding all the summer clothes until the New England weather cooperates with her newfound independence!

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