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I Run 4

I have written before (insert too much!) about the importance of creating a village of support when you have a child with special needs. Heck, even with a typical child a support system should be included with every birth certificate.

I began running in earnest about a year ago. I ran to get away from the stress of just, well, everything. Taking 20-odd minutes to focus on nothing but breathing and trying not to trip in public.  It wasn’t always pretty, but I finally found my rhythm. I managed to avoid eating any more bugs and discovered the joy of tripping running in the woods.

Bailey& I running last fall. Or falling last fall.
Recently a friend asked me to join a group that runs for those who cannot. It is called I Run 4. This is a great non-profit that matches one runner for one buddy.The idea was sparked when the founder, Tim Boyle, began dedicating his daily run to a friend who was physically unable to run. They created such a bond a movement was born.

My friend’s daughter is a buddy. Her runner sends not just the child, but the family encouragement and emotional support to get through days that can be overwhelming. In return, my friend’s daughter provides a smile, unconditional love and gratitude that someone out there care enough to run with her spirit.  She also provides the runner with a reason to get out there and run when it would be easier to hit the snooze button.

Thus, a new village was created for my friend.  

Here’s the thing though, not enough special families know about the program. There are over 3,000 runners looking for their buddy! Buddies are those with physical or mental handicaps. Persons of all ages who are willing to be the inspiration for the runners. 

If you are in need of a village, of some support or you are just looking for a way to inspire someone, please consider signing up your child or adult with special needs to be matched. Follow this link: to find out more information.  There is no cost to join, for the runner or the buddy.  

The runners are waiting to be a part of your village. Are you ready to be part of theirs?

The nicest thing some one ever did for me was to be my village and allow me to pay it forward.

And that is how I finished the sentence, the nicest thing some one ever did for me was….

Finish the Sentence Friday

**This post was not paid for/sponsored by IRUN4. I will not be moved up quicker on the buddy list (darn) unless more potential buddies decide to join the program. I did receive permission by IRUN4 to use their links and information to promote their program. 

Sometimes I break….

Boo has had a bunch of appointments over the past two weeks. More of the same, she is doing great/keep doing what you are doing. The thing is, and here I am being selfish and a total nitwit, Boo hasn’t ‘evolved’.  What I mean to say is that yes, she has had a language explosion and she is doing great. I am not trying to minimize her gains at all. But when you look at the whole picture she is still in the 18m to 2Y developmentally.
Yes she has made gains, but she hasn’t advanced. She seems “stuck” at this stage. I know I need to be patient and keep doing what I am doing. But if her developmental growth is starting to stagnate does that mean anything or is it that the gains are more noticeable at 6m old than they are at 4 & 1/2?
If we “judge” (seriously, my word of the freaking week) by the developmental scale for a 1-3YO: she can walk alone, but not run. Boo can kick a ball, but does not have awareness of self. She cannot find a hidden object 2-3 levels deep (what the hell?) but can if it is behind your hand. Does she play make believe? Again, no.
Then I (idiot that I am) looked up the 3-5 YO developmental scale. (file under what were you thinking?). Walks up and down stairs alternating feet, no but neither does my dad. Climbs well? Check! Bends over without falling, no but then neither do I. Understands his/hers, no. Matches an object to a picture, sometimes. Can take turns, sometimes (but both Allie & Hubs have trouble with that concept.
And let’s not even put the whole potty training thing into the mix.

Okay, I know I should stop the pity party…but I feel so, I don’t know…if down is the right word. The developmental doctor wanted Boo to start at-home services. At first I was like no way, when do I have time for that? But because she was so insistent that I arrange it, I called the services. Guess what Boo isn’t eligible. Now I was ticked off that here the doctor wants her to have services and she can’t get them. Of course, the fact that I didn’t want them in the first place is totally irrelevant.
Gosh, I feel like a teenager. Not wanting something and then getting ticked that I didn’t get it.
Anyway, I am sitting at home having a pity party for myself and totally mad at myself for having it. I know I should be happy that Boo is safe and healthy and home. She is not on a feeding tube, oxygen or sitting in a chair staring at the wall. Her issues are so minute compared to what other children are triumphing over.
But, seriously, sometimes it just gets tough to be the upbeat supermom.