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I swear it wasn’t denial….

Every June I feel guilty for not attending the end of year activities at Bridget’s preschool. The truth has always been that since she wasn’t “graduating” to kindergarten I felt why go through the motions? Why go through the tears, anxiety and feelings of despair as I watched children that were her friends move on without her.

Every year she arrives home with her diploma and I put it with the previous years in my hope chest. Last year was especially difficult for me. It was the first year that Bridget should have been graduating to kindergarten. Per my usual MO I skipped the ceremony. In my mind, it hadn’t happened yet. She wasn’t graduating and I wasn’t going to pretend. I promised myself that next year, this year, I would attend the ceremony. I would take pictures and I would pretend I was like every other mom ecstatic that my child was going to be (finally) moving up to kindergarten.

Instead I skipped the ceremony. But I swear it wasn’t my fault! Continue reading

Gratitude is

Gratitude is “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return a kindness” (Oxford Dictionary).

Gratitude isn’t just being thankful and it returning a kindness. A pay-it-forward moment where not only do you acknowledge someone but you show them what it meant to you. We have lost the art of the thank you card. Now we “like” something or give a shout out on Facebook. It is quick and easy and (honestly) takes no effort.

I hate writing thank you cards. I would rather drop off a bottle of wine (or tequila depending on the friend) and cookies than write out and mail the card. I have tried to instill the art of the thank you card in Abby. To my mother’s dismay I have been completely failed. I have harassed Abby to write thank you notes and it never gets done. I forget to keep on her or I just give up.

Yet that girl never fails to surprise me.

One day I get a text from a friend. Her husband is the janitor at Abby’s school. Abby had left him a thank you note for helping (not her) her friend with a locker issue.

When I asked why if I have been screaming encouraging, her to write her thank you notes from her birthday yet she writes one for this, her reply: He doesn’t have to do nice things for me. People have to give me birthday presents because they love me.

Abby logic for sure.

I fell a little more in love with this daughter of mine that day. That she is paying attention to those who show her kindness and she is willing to show her appreciation.


Abby first day of preschool.

Unbeknownst to me this gorgeous girl has become a thoughtful young lady. One who breaks my heart as often as she mends it.

Copy of IMG_9661

Gratitude is action.  Abby and how she cares for her sister, her friends and even her school janitor? That is gratitude in action.


Be kind

Kind “wanting and liking to do good things and to bring happiness to others”

I want both of my girls to be kind. I want to be kind yet find myself struggling to bring happiness to others. Anyone who heard me screaming at Abby over the weekend for just once to do something I ask without asking why can attest that I am rarely kind. I am not a model of behavior that I want my children to possess. Continue reading