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It was perfect…

I was reading this post by my friend, Sandy, the other day entitled Will Hate Win? It got me thinking about how each generation faces something that makes a parent cringe with fear. When I watch the news I wonder how is this the world I am raising my child in? How do I teach her to live a life without fear, when I have to teach her not to let her friend take a photo and put it on Instagram? Continue reading

Losing Innocence

I knew 5th grade would be tough. I expected her to grow-up a little more. I expected her to gain some independence, start moving away from Barbies and Fairies to explore more of real-life heroes.

I expected this to change due to society. From her friends and classmates who seem to be growing up so much quicker than she seems to be. I did not expect her to lose the shine of innocence doing a Social Studies Project. Continue reading