We survived

What a fabulous LONG weekend! The weather was perfect, Allie had a great time hanging with her friend, husband was with campfire/beer/friends so he was more than happy. Boo did great! She wore her neon for the Neon Pot Luck and happily danced on the table to Zac Brown.

The entire campground got to meet Boo as she toured every campsite with a puppy and asked for a hug. After the first couple of rounds they told me she didn’t have to ask just come on over. Which she did, every hour.

On Friday night, since we were camping with 50 of our closest friends, we had a theme-night pot luck dinner. Some one picked neon as the theme. We are still not speaking to her…


 Allie showed us how to be stylish in neon

And Boo, while she was more than stylish…


And was the first to dance on the table…

The only hiccup were the fireworks. Boo did not enjoy them, at all. So we strolled back to the camper while Allie and husband stayed to watch the show.

This morning I had to wake an exhausted Boo for school. She slept thru breakfast where I basically placed milked-soaked Cheerios in her mouth. She did wake up during her bath!

We are already signed up for next year, this time for a full week. I did not warn the other campers 🙂

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