First, let me start off by saying I am pro-choice because I do not believe I have the right/authority to tell anyone (other than Allie) what to do.  I also do not believe that any idiot senator should be able to tell a woman if she does/does not have the right to terminate her pregancy for any reason.

BUT….here is my pro-life statement: Boo. What if you were told that your newborn would spend her first week in the NICU on oxygen and she (and you) might not survive the stress of that first week? Let alone the next 8 admissions that first year alone.

Boo just home from the NICU had to be constantly upright to avoid aspiration

Or that a month later you would spend your birthday in the hospital since your newborn was sick for some unknown reason?

Boo 1.5 months old spending Mommy’s birthday at CHB

What if you were told that their lfirst year of ife would be a battle to survive?  That she would undergo an endoscopy, bronchoscopy, MRI’s, EEGs, all before they turned a year old? She would be eventually be on the champagne formula, Elecare, because she could not tolerate anything else.

What if they told you that you would spend most of your days in therapies and have to see up to 15 specialists a year? That your daycare, when she was finally able to go, would call you that she was screaming for some unknown reason. That they could not calm her because it was obvious she was in extreme pain. But no one knew why.

What if they told you that although most babies know how to drink/eat it would take you 2 years in something called feeding therapy to get your child to be able to eat without choking?

Or that just when she was learning to walk she would be faced with spinal surgery. You spent almost 3 years in physical therapy and 9 months on a pediatric walker just trying to get her to be ambulatory and now they were going to cut her back open?

What if they said that at 3 1/2 YO she would bang her head uncontrollably when frustrated because she cannot communicate?

What if they told you she would turn blue for no reason, but not to worry because they don’t know why but it doesn’t seem to distress her.

Would you abort?
Then you haven’t met Boo!

Boo cannot point to Momma in a picture but she can pick her sister out of school bus.

Boo now chases her puppy around the house. WITHOUT her walker.

Boo has 15 signs, 35 words and 4 phrases consistently.

Boo LOVES pool therapy.

Boo now out-eats her sister.

Boo loves us and we love her.

If you aborted Boo, you would not be blessed.

So while I am still pro-choice for you. And I think that Senator is an absolute idiot, by the way. But for me, the “choice” would be so much harder. Because I have had the absolute pleasure of loving Boo.

4 thoughts on “Pro-something

  1. Janine Huldie

    Omg, I could not agree with you more and must tell you that I too am pro-choice and could never even think of aborting a baby that was mine. So, reading this you totally hit home a bit and thank you for also sharing all of Boo's triumphs. She is such a cutie and real inspiration, too!! 🙂



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