Seven Snippets

— 1 —

I think that I have to admit that I still haven’t started training for the 5K. But I hope to by next week. I think I might have enough time, barely, not to embarrass myself.

— 2 —

I think I might have been hit on the head, but I am allowing Allie to have a friend over after school. They are taking the bus home together. Usually I try to discourage ‘playdates’ something about having other kids in the house and knowing I am supposed to be the calm/rational adult. Add in the crazy puppy and Boo. YIKES. And of course, my husband mysteriously took an overtime shift. Funny how that happens.

— 3 —

I think Allie has finally come to terms that her mother is not crafty. She had a project for school, decorating a vacation bag, and asked if we could just skip mom trying to help her and call Auntie K. Now, this is something I totally could have helped with, but I don’t want to start a precendent.

— 4 —

I think Boo is spending too much time with crazy puppy. Not only is her hair and his fur the EXACT same color, she now keeps sticking out her tongue and panting.

— 5 —

I think if Tia lived closer we would be a lot less stressed. But our husbands would probably miss us!

— 6 —

I think that Boo’s new special-ed program is the best thing that could ever happen to her. She has made so many advances this summer it is amazing. But it was also easier when I didn’t have to look around the house for where she put my kitchen chairs.

— 7 —

I think that the weekend is here. I don’t know what Allie is more excited for: her playdate, apple picking or the fact that she doesn’t have any math homework!

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