Exactly when did I get my medical degree?

I consider Boo lucky, because she only has to go to the variety of specialists every six-months or so. The problem with that is for some reason the doctors only see patients in clinic one day a week. Hardly any of them are on the same day!

Because we have to travel over 2 hours (if there is no traffic) for Boo’s speciality appointments, I try to bundle the appointments together. As I scheduled one appointment for GI I asked if she could see Dr. R at the same time. Dr. R is Boo’s specialist for her laryngomalacia. For the uninitiated, this is a congentital abnormality where your throat muscles are “soft”. If your child has ever had a stridor that is what Boo sounds like when she is excited or breathing heavy. She used to aspirate her liquids so we had to make everything the consistency of a thick shake. Over time we gradually trained her throat to take thinner liquids.

Since I know that Dr. R sees patients in clinic the same day as the GI and Pulmonary doctor I tried my best to coordinate the appointments (another aside–shouldn’t there be some one who works at the hospital that can do this?)

Okay, that was a long aside 🙂 Anway to continue…..

I get an e-mail a couple of hours later:

I spoke with ZZZ, Dr. R’s physician assistant and she said that on Boo’s last visit she was taking all consistencies of liquids without problems, so he does not necessarily need to see her back unless you have concerns.
If you do have concerns, please let me know and I will have Dr. R’s new administrative assistant contact you to set up a follow up appointment.
Hello? yes she is taking thin liquids, but she still has that pesky congential abnormality. Rember, the one that they told us would ‘outgrow’ but hasn’t. Don’t you think some one should be interested in follow-up?
We had a similar experience with Boo’s new rheumatologist last winter, that sure Boo was turning blue for no apparent reason. But we only had to come back if we were concerned.
Again…isn’t anyone concerned that this child turns blue when chilled? Since, we have a standing yearly appointment and I e-mail them frequently with updates. And now it is fall and guess what? Blue hands and toes this morning!

I  know I have to be Boo’s advocate, but this is getting a tad ridiculous. I didn’t realize I had to be her MD as well.


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