If only

Yesterday Boo came home from school with a form for me to complete for OT. It says it is to “have my input” as they develop new treatment plans. I know that it will eventually be on some IEP reevaluation form in the next meeting. So I had to answer the questions in a mature matter. 

However, if I could have answered honestly….

  • What are some of your child’s favorite activities? Least favorite?
    • Well, she has been in school for about a year now, don’t you think you should know what she likes to do in therapy?
  • Does your child participate in after school programs?
    • Yes, after school Boo participates in 2 hours of secondary therapy at our local Pedi center. Does that count as an activity?
  • What is your child’s normal morning routines?
    • Well, Boo usually has a hazmat that I have to clean up. Then Boo throws her breakfast on the floor and  laughs at me while I try to clean it up before the puppy gets to it. Then she screams and hits as I do her hair. But she loves brushing her teeth and gets upset when it is over. Then I move my kitchen chairs back into the kitchen and her bed back into her bedroom because as I am getting Allie ready for school Boo has redecorated. We then rush out the door 5 minutes late for school because the puppy gets into something.
  • What are some of your child’s strengths and weaknesses?
    • Strength–her right throwing arm
    • Strength–moving furniture 
    • Weakness–Falling down stairs, but she gets that from me
  • Does your child use a tablet?
    • Hell, no. I cannot afford an IPAD!
  • What motivates your child to learn? 
    • I have no idea, it changes on a daily basis
  • What is something you would like your child to do at school this year?
    • To keep her left shoe on


4 thoughts on “If only

  1. Kathy

    Oh, Kerri, I completely understand. I know that those questionnaires are part of it, but they can be so frustrating. Could you at least fill it out while sipping a glass of wine?


  2. Sylvia Phillips

    I love your sarcastic humor! When Bethany was in school, I was sometimes at loss as to how to fill in those (ridiculous) forms and would just make up stuff that sounded good and logical! About iPad-does your adorable sweetie have Service coordination? Bethany's SC found funding for her iPad! we didn't pay a cent for it! visiting from Love that Max! #26



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