I’m glad Allie understands my limitations.

I am not crafty. At all. Need something cooked or baked? I am your girl. Need a hem or a craft project or anything that requires cutting a straight line….then you need to call some one ANY one else.

Last year Allie had a great idea for pumpkin carving. Why can’t they just sit on the front porch? I have no freaking idea. Anyhow, Allie picked out some stencils and said it was so easy I could help her.

Yeah right. It was a disaster. We turned the pumpkins around so their backs were to the street. We did not want them embarrassed.

This magazine showed up in my office today. As a joke, I brought it home to Allie and said we should this.

She asked if I remembered how I killed (yep, she said killed) her pumpkin last year. Then she called her Auntie K and said I found this great magazine for us!!!

That’s my girl 🙂

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