Workshop blues

This morning I had a workshop day at Boo’s school. I had no idea what to expect. In all honesty I almost skipped because I had a meeting at work that was impossible to reschedule. I thought it was going to be like Open House at Allie’s school where some one might notice a parent wasn’t there but would understand that hey people work.

Then guilt crept in so I planned on being late and getting the kick at work. But thankfully my boss had an emergency and he rescheduled the meeting. Bonus he didn’t realize I didn’t make it in until after noon 🙂

I dropped Boo off at her morning program and killed time reading the JD Robb book while I waited for the workshop to start. (Hey I will take my 1/2 hours when and where I can).

What I didn’t realize is that I would have to walk past Boo’s class on the way in. Where I saw “normal” 3-4YO playing appropriately. Where I saw the teachers not letting Boo progress up the hall to meet me because she refused to say “Come On” as they commanded her to do. I totally get that she has to be obidient. But really, keeping her in the hallway for 45 minutes just because she wouldn’t say a phrase on command.  I understand they are trying to curb her stubborness. But I was thinking to myself let’s not turn her into a trained monkey!

(photo credit: google images/trained monkey)

I also did not realize that she would be attending the workshop with me. That I would be the only parent there, in the room with four of her aides and the leader of the SPED/ABA program. Basically a bird’s eye view of what they do with Boo when she is not in the integrated preschool.  They went through all of her discrete trials with her and I was able to see why she is so exhausted at night.

They have more patience than I do. If I asked Boo to touch her head and she refused, I would move on. But they do not. They hand-over-hand the request and then ask again. She had to do it 5 times before she was allowed to get out of the chair.

Here’s the thing….she didn’t fuss. She didn’t bang her head. She didn’t cry. She did ‘fade’ out where you could tell she went some where else for a time. But eventually she “performed” how they expected her to. It took almost a half hour, but she did touch her head five times.

Part of me wonders if I can send the crazy puppy in for training. The other part of me wonders how I can possibly replicate this at home. I cannot wait 45 minutes for her to say hello to some one. I do not place a high importance on her touching her head just because I asked.  I’m happy if I ask her where her belly is and she points to it.

I question if demanding she follow commands is as important as teaching her how to color. I mean really, how many 3YO follow commands?

I do see the benefit of the program. I have definitely seen improvement in Boo’s receptive language. Her speech has come so far and I give this new program the credit.

I just wish I had their patience!

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