A Holy Crap Moment

I am actually speechless. A little overwhelmed, a lot grateful and well mostly speechless. (My husband would never believe I could be speechless). I was nominated for not one, but two Liebster Awards. One from Kristi @ Finding Ninee and the second from Misty @ Meet the Cottons (she has another blog, too that I love called Take it or Leave it which you should totally check out).

So here it the deal. With the Liebster Award I have to do some work. Not just brag about my girls or vent about the world. The first rule, is done I send a heartfelt sincere THANK YOU shout out to both Misty & Kristi (sounds like they should be twins, doesn’t it?). And I have to show the beautiful award.

Okay, I am so impressed that I figured out how to do show the award!

And now the easy part, bragging about the blogs I love and rely on to keep my sanity and sense of humor.  A Liebster Award is an acknowledgement that your blog rocks from another blogger. Okay, probably not the Webster’s Dictionary definition, but what I believe I to be true about the following blogs. It goes without saying that Misty & Kristi are in my top 7 but since I already gave you those links, here I go….(in no particular order, I go to these all daily)

Big Brother, Little Sister and the Baby first, because Coop is freaking adorable. And second how can you not love to follow some one who lives half-way around the world, remains upbeat and has three kids with the best names possible!

Anybody want a peanut? I love how Jen is brutally honest about her families struggles. I like knowing that although my Boo doesn’t have autism we face the same type of hurdles. I found her blog when I thought she was quoting the Princess Bride to describe her life! 

Musings of a Marfan Mom, I confess to not even knowing what Marfan Syndrome was before discovering Maya. I enjoy how her blog includes her own struggles, her sons’ and now her adoption journey. It is life, complicated and she seems to excel at it!

From across the other pond, Looking for Blue Sky. Partly because she seems to get my sense of humor and partly because I love the Irish 🙂

Ever feel like you could live the dream? Go check out Susan at Trout Towers. Her kids are perfectly normal, it is the one blog I read that has nothing to do about special needs. Even though her kids are normal, she has a unique bent on life.

A new find, is livenowandzen although I have no idea how to pronounce it. But trust me, anyone who can apply my favorite all time movie (The Princess Bride) to this special life we lead is a rare find!

Last but not least, Flannery over at The Connor Chronicles. Again, we seem to have the same sense of humor. I love how she looks at her son and sees a kid with autism. Not an autistic son. And yes there is a difference.

Now that the bragging is done, here I need tell you 11 things about me. You might not find them interesting, but rules are rules.

  1. I am a rule follower.
  2. I believe in disciplining my kids.
  3. I do not believe that just because Boo is Boo that means she can be a holy terror. And neither can Allie but my patience threshold with her is lower.
  4. My kids eat healthier than I do
  5. I wish I had straight hair
  6. I love to read. Just no particular genre. Some days it is Percy Jackson and some times it is War & Peace
  7. I refuse to read 50 Shades of Grey because my mom  and Tia’s step mom told us it made them hot
  8. I have only told 2 friends about this blog
  9. I love Irish Pubs, but I don’t drink beer (in fact I have never had one!)
  10. I think kids should go to school year round. Not that I don’t love them. But working and having to find surround care sucks.
  11. I sometimes take the long way home so I can have 20 minutes where I don’t have to be polite, nice or talk to anyone.

The next part is tricker, because I was nominated by twice I have to answer twice as many questions (sorry if you are bored). 

  1. What is your secret dream? To travel around the world
  2. What does your significant other not know about you that a friend does? Just about everything! Including this blog. I told him once, in an Irish Pub, but I don’t think he remembers
  3. If you could have one wish that didn’t earn you money and didn’t magically fix something, what would it be? This question is impossible! I think it might be to exorcise my Catholic Guilt complex.
  4. How would you describe your personal style? Trying to be fashionable but failing miserably
  5. What three words do you think your closest friends would use to describe you? Funny, Tiny and Fierce
  6. If your house were on fire, and your family and pets safe, what three items would you attempt to save? My antique china doll, Boo’s stuffed puppy and whatever cash was lying about
  7. Do you believe in plastic surgery? Not for me, but like abortion not my call for you.
  8. What’s number one on your bucket list? To hike the Knife’s Edge
  9. If you had one hour of secret free time, how would you use it? I would play Words with Friends and get a better score
  10. Beer, wine, mixed drinks, water or soda? Wine, Pinot Grigio please if you are pouring
  11. Are you afraid of the dentist? Hell yes
  12. Name a food that you would not eat as a child, but enjoy as an adult. Lobster (my mom told me I didn’t like it because we couldn’t afford it)
  13. What was the last movie you watched or the last book you read? Last movie, American Reunion (sad, but true) last book Threat Vector by Tom Clancy (does it count if I am in the middle of it?)
  14. What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie and why? I don’t have one, although my Husband is addicted to Thin Mints
  15. Do you have a favorite movie soundtrack and what is it? I don’t think I do
  16. Are you “a little bit country” or “a little bit rock and roll”? A little of both, I have them on my radio presets
  17. Do you think it’s weird that I sort my dirty laundry? I don’t think it is weird, but sometimes the smell is bothersome
  18. What is your favorite ice cream topping? Fudge
  19. What word do you almost always misspell? Anything with “i” before “e”
  20. Do you have pets? Crazy puppy
  21. Words to live by. I love you no matter what
  22. Are you a social butterfly or a recluse? This is tough, I used to be a recluse and now seem to be a butterfly!

HAHAHA this is the fun part, now my nominees have to answer my questions:

  1. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
  2. High heels, sneakers or flip flops?
  3. The Beach, the City or the Mountain?
  4. Who is your favorite singer/group?
  5. If you could vacation anywhere (expense is not a consideration) where would you go and why?
  6. Do you mind that my blog is sometimes snarky?
  7. What is one thing we would be surprised to know about you?
  8. Favorite, guilty pleasure, TV show?
  9. Favorite book or author?
  10. Do you admit to having a favorite child?
  11. If you could replace your life with one from the Disney Channel which show would you pick?

Wow, this was harder than I thought, but a lot more fun. Thanks, as always for stopping by. I hope you come back soon and learn more about our life. Kerri

8 thoughts on “A Holy Crap Moment

  1. Kristi Campbell

    Kerri, I love it! I really like your questions and laughed out loud at the fact that if you had a free hour of time that you'd play Words with Friends to get a better score. Awesome. (personally, I'm addicted to Scramble with Friends…really, really addicted).
    Awesome job and congratulations! 🙂
    I can't wait to check out some of the blogs you passed the award on to. A few of them are completely new to me – yay!


  2. Raelyn

    Congrats on earning this award–twice!!–you deserve it!! 😉
    “I do not believe that just because Boo is Boo that means she can be a holy terror. And neither can Allie but my patience threshold with her is lower.”. I like that!! ;-D
    “How would you describe your personal style? Trying to be fashionable but failing miserably.”. That would be me. If I were fascinated with styles and fashion!! 😉


  3. Looking for Blue Sky

    Well congratulations on your awards and thank you for nominating me 🙂 I love reading these posts and finding out more about the bloggers behind the blogs…and I LOVE the three words your closest friends would use to describe you 🙂 Will have to put my thinking cap on for your list, it's going to be fun xx


  4. Tatum

    Congratulations, Kerry. I've spent a little time looking at your blog today and from what I can tell, your awards are well deserved. I've added you to my google reader list and look forward to learning more. I'm especially excited to have a fellow blogger with a typical and a special needs sibling. From what I can see, we have some of the same hopes and concerns. It's nice to have someone who doesn't dismiss my concerns about the unique needs of the sibling of a SN child.


  5. Misty @ Meet The Cottons

    i, too, think my kids (and everyone else's) should behave! and fudge is my favorite, too! can't get on board with year round school, though, but i can see how difficult it is for working families. think there is a city school in my county that is considered “year round” but they seem to get more days out of school than those of us in the county school district!



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