Holy Crap x3

Wow. I just realized that people read my blog and like me. A Boy Named Silas is a boy who we should all try to emulate. He just doesn’t seem to get down. And his mom awarded me with a Liebster.

I’d like to thank my mom for teaching me
how to read and then write!

I do not want to bore you with 11 more things about me. But I do want to brag some more about other bloggers!

Have you read I can Say Mama?  Not only is she not Martha Stewart, she is a real person who sees the best in life.

Another favorite is Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes. I love that she is so proactive in the Down Syndrome Community. And also that she shares tips that seem to work with Boo 🙂

So here are my question’s to answer from Silas’ mom!

1. Think of the day your child received his or her diagnosis. What is the first word that comes to mind? Boo doesn’t have a diagnosis. After 4 years we do not know why she suffers from Booitis (my pet name for it). I think at first, though when told she would be “special” the first word that came to mind (is sadly) despair.
2. Who is your favorite doctor, specialist, or therapist for your child and why? I don’t have a favorite therapist, they all rock and have become great friends. My favorite doctor would be our primary pediatrician. Probably because he comes to the office in flip-flops if you catch him on a weekend.
3. What symptom of your child’s disability breaks your heart the most? Constipation. Because there is no way to relieve or explain her pain.
4. What symptom of your child’s disability is actually somewhat endearing? Her stubborness. She just WILL NOT give up
5. What is something your child is REALLY good at? Hugs. She seriously gives the best hugs.
6. In three words, describe how you have changed after becoming a special-needs parent.  I gained patience.
7. How has having a special-needs child impacted your spiritual life? It made me question more why God lets children suffer. Even though Boo suffers much less than most. (I still don’t have an answer)
8. Would you take away your child’s disability if you could? Why or why not? I think I would. Because just like I would like Allie to be a Harvard Grad, I want Boo to have a life without pain or difficulty.
9. What is the most disrespectful thing anyone has ever said to you or your child? I have been lucky. No one has been really disrespectful.
10. “One thing I wish more people realized about my child is …” That she will not ‘grow out of it’ and “become normal” and we are okay with that.
11. If you were to articulate all the wishes you have for your child, what would they be? Seriously? How much time do you have? For both girls I want them to be the best they can be. If it means Allie becomes a Harvard Grad, bonus. If it means Boo goes a day without having to work so hard, even better.

Thanks again, to Silas’s mom. Her blog rocks and you should totally check it out. I would renominate her, but I think that is against the rules!

11 thoughts on “Holy Crap x3

  1. Raelyn

    Holy crap is right!! Well, congrats again!! ;-D
    “I think at first, though when told she would be 'special' the first word that came to mind (is sadly) despair.”. Oh, Kerri. As silly as this may seem now, that Boo is in your life, and you love her so much, “despair” is a normal feeling. Ask anyone…. 😉
    “Booitis”!! Love it!! ;-D
    “One thing I wish more people realized about my child is …” “That she will not 'grow out of it' and 'become normal' and we are okay with that.”. Very good!! 😉


  2. Stacey Nicole

    Of course people read your blog and like you! I've only been following you a couple of weeks but I can tell you rock. I like your honesty, especially gaining patience. My son only has sensory issues but it is enough to make me want to scream most days. I need to learn patience. 🙂

    Keep strong and keep blogging!


  3. Alana Terry

    Hi Kerri! That's hilarious you got so many liebesters in a row! So sad about Boo being constipated to badly. I guess I can say I hope that's at least something she grows out of at some point. 😦 Good luck, Mom! She sounds like a true sweetheart. (Alana – boynamedsilas.blogspot.com)


  4. Kerri

    Thanks, Raelyn. Yes. I was a little in the despair mode. More so that the all powerful doctors had no diagnosis. Hence, Booitis. Having an itis makes life easier to endure.



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