Boo might be trying to tell us something…

Boo is not potty trained. I know in my heart (and have a doctor’s note) that she is just not ready. But she may be ready to give up the diaper, if not for big girl pants. During this extended vacation, she has managed to take her diaper off…while leaving her clothes on.

I am giving her total points for the magic act. But am a cross road. Am I holding her back by keeping her in a diaper or is she truly not ready? I do so much for Boo that I would not have done for a 4YO Allie. I carry her, even though she can walk. Why? Because it is faster and I am in a hurry. I sometimes feed her, because she is tired and I want to get some food into her anyway I can. She cannot dress herself or manuever herself onto the toliet.

Or can she?

This is the girl that in the past week has managed to climb onto Allie’s bed in the pitch dark and remove her diaper while wearing jeans and a sleeper.

Am I just making excuses and being lazy? Because let’s face it, having her in a diaper is much easier.

Did I waste the time provided by Nemo when we were housebound for four days? That would have, in retrospect, been the best time to try to train Boo.

I just do not know. She doesn’t tell me she has to go potty, that her diaper is soiled or that she has to poop. She does not have the language skills for requesting anything other than “Charlie” on the IPAD. She is either constipated or having diarrhea, not the optimal thing to clean out of clothes. (there I go being lazy again)

But that doesn’t stop me from wondering if I am putting limits on Boo instead of pushing them.

10 thoughts on “Boo might be trying to tell us something…

  1. icansaymama

    I know what you mean. I always wonder if I should push potty training more. But there has never been even the slightest hint that he knows how to do it when I put him on the toilet. Neither at home nor in kindergarten. But I think about that very often, too.


  2. Sylvia Phillips

    I hear ya! I constantly battle with the same thing! Is she or isn't she able to do more? Should I or shouldn't I make her do more? Wish I had some words of wisdom for ya! If you come up with a solution can ya let me know?


  3. Kristi Campbell

    UGH, potty training 😦
    We recently introduced the potty to my son (he's 3 1/2) and after a couple days had pretty good success with him peeing in it. Pooping? Nope. I don't think he understands when he has to go, before he goes. When we first introduced potty training, we went with the ABA method where you make the bathroom the funnest place in the house to be and they stay there basically all day every day. They only get off for about 5 minutes (you extend the time they're off) after they do something. Then, when they do anything (even a little squirt), you make a HUGE deal about it – clapping, dancing, rewarding, saying “good, good!” happy stuff. Rewards are fine as well. You bring in all favorite toys, iPad, anything they want and just sit there.

    Like I said, this worked well with Tucker and he “got it” after a few days. Then, after about 5 days (in which he did not poop AT ALL), we had a huge set-back. He started wetting his pants and not minding (them minding is a big deal as they're supposed to feel uncomfortable wet – mine didn't care at all). So, we're in this weird limbo place now where he does pretty well going pee in the potty at school, but then he usually gets a diaper once we're home. This tells me that either his teachers did a much better job than I did or that when he's at home, he just wants to relax (his school program is pretty intense). Anyway, it's a gigantic struggle.

    You could always try the whole potty party thing and see what she does. She might surprise you. Oh and one thing that I was worried about – nap time and bedtime – that takes WAY longer, and we've decided to not even try that yet. Often it involves an alarm on the bed because kids (even typical ones) don't know to wake up to go. This step, I'm happy waiting a long while for because the alarm would go off the second a drop hits the sheets, all of us have to wake all the way up, make it to the bathroom and then figure out how to get back to sleep. UGH.

    Let me know if you decide to try it. I have some ABA paperwork that our teacher gave us…I could always scan it and email it to you if you want.


  4. Big brother, Little sister.

    Kerri, I am of the school of thought of pushing them! I would try it, what have you got to loose? She may very well surprise you! Fwiw cooper starting using the toilet at age 5, and I never thought it would happen but I stuck so many toilet pics up around the house to point to and it started working! Good luck xx


  5. Michelle

    I'm so impressed she is getting her diapers off w/her clothes still on! Great fine motor skill there 🙂 I hear what you are saying though – I find myself doing a lot of things for Kayla because it's just easier and faster. I keep telling myself I need to stop and make her do it, but oh, I'm not so good at that. It's one of the reasons she can't yet tie her shoes. Need to work on that, but her eye-hand coordination isn't the greatest, coupled with low muscle tone doesn't make for easy tying of the shoes!


  6. juliemyappykid

    Potty training a special needs child is such a unique challenge in itself! It sounds like she is well on her way to being potty trained since she is getting her diapers off on her own! AWESOME!! Our son is 8 and we had him almost completely potty trained 3 years ago. Then, he got admitted into the hospital and 3 years later we are still battling it. However, we find the good in it- every time he does go on the potty it's a huge deal, we all “count the bubbles” and it puts a smile on his face. I know it will eventually come but it just takes time!!! It's a LOT of work, and it will try your patience to the core but it's also so rewarding for them and you!! Wishing you the best of luck with this endeavor!! You can do it Mama!!!!



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