Dear Mother…

Dear Mother….Nature that is,

Are you feeling okay? I am wondering if perhaps you are suffering from menopause or the flu or some ailment that has confused you.

It is April. Not January or February. March is over. Last night my heat kicked on and I had it set at 58 degrees. I had to wear flannel pajama bottoms. Boo had to wear her thermal sleeper.

It was 24 degrees this morning when I left the house. I had to start the car early and defrost the windshield. We had to wear our winter coats and to Allie’s dismay she had to wear a hat.

It is April. You need to turn up the thermostat. My daffidolis are frozen and my tulips are stunted. You do not need to go too high, like 98 degrees in July. But I would appreciate something in the high-50’s if it wasn’t too much trouble.

With warmest regards,

10 thoughts on “Dear Mother…

  1. Stacey Nicole

    I don't like saying it could be worse, but it could be worse. I think the weather in NE Texas is bi-polar. Monday, it got up to 80 degrees. The t-shirts I bought the boys two weeks ago finally got some use. Yesterday was somewhat warm … when the wind wasn't gusting up to 20 mph. Right now it is 45, feels like 39 (because of the howling wind). It is supposed to be back up in the 70s by the end of the week. I would almost rather it stay cold or warm (preferably warm) instead of see-sawing between the two. Oh, and we do have all the wonderful pollen associated with spring. Yuck.



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