Today’s 5-minute Friday is….FRIEND

Ready, set, go….

Friend. I have many friends. A couple of steadfast ones, a couple of drinking ones and a couple of good-time ones. I was with some drinking ones this afternoon as a matter of fact! (Quite unintentionally but still quite fun).

But I would be lost without my steadfast ones. The ones that are always there. The ones that I would lost without. You know the ones I mean. The ones that text, call, e-mail unexpectedly. The ones that if I call in two minutes they will all be there. Those are the friends that I try to be there for, but rarely are. They are there more for me than for them.

 A true friend tells you when you are doing well, when you are doing wrong, when you need a shoulder and when you have food in your teeth. A friend is a friend through the hard times and the good.

I know they don’t expect more than what I can give. And that is what a friend is. One that accepts you for who you are and more importantly makes sure you don’t have food in your teeth.


How about you, do you have 5 minutes to talk about a friend? Then join us and Lisa-Jo at 

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5 thoughts on “"Friend"

  1. AlongCameTheBird

    Well said. The food in the teeth thing totally cracked me up because I have 2 best friends and we've been through just about everything together. One of them had something stuck between her teeth and when it was pointed out, she couldn't tell which tooth it was. The other friend reached in and got it out of her teeth!! So now we laugh and say not only does a good friend tell you if you have something in your teeth, she's even willing to get it out for you! 🙂 Kinda gross, I know….



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