Sometimes people’s kindness just makes me speechless. The other night, after a very long day for Boo, I had to drop something off to a friend of mine that works at a golf course. As we were catching up, Boo was just resting her head on my shoulder.

A kind man who works in the pro-shop approached her and held out a pink golf ball. Boo actually took the ball from the man, said ‘thank you’ in her quietest voice and rested her head back down.

This is huge for so many reasons. Boo is very shy, that she even met this man’s eyes and took something from him is amazing. But that she also said thank you? Oh my…

We left, she never let go of the ball. The next morning, it was the first thing she grabbed after her IPAD.

She has not let go of it. She has held it in the supermarket, the bank, Church and while playing. I had to wrest it from her hands before bedtime.

So I would like to take a moment, to say thank you. Thank you to this very kind gentleman who took time out of his day to make a little girl’s day and her momma’s heart overflow.

13 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. Kerri Ames

    some days all it takes is a golf ball, if you know what I mean? After a long day at work running to therapy and Boo having a long day to have this kind man give her something that she would find comfort in? Priceless!


  2. Lisa Newlin

    This post made me cry, and the photo of her holding it while looking at the iPad is SO SWEET!

    It's these random acts of kindness that restore my belief in humanity. The jackass who cuts me off in traffic takes it back away, but this post helps to restore it! 🙂



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