ABC’s of blogging

Dana and Kate got on the ABC bandwagon last week and it was fun to learn more about them. Since I am such a dweeb and like knowing random facts about people- here are my ABCs of blogging…

A.    Attached or Single–attached, I usually have a small child attached to my hip.

B.    Best friend–Tia!

C.   Cake or pie–Whoopie Pies

D.   Day of choice–Any day that I don’t have to be perfect

E.    Essential item–diaper bag. You just never know when it’s gonna blow.

F.    Favorite color–Yellow. It just is such a happy color

G.   Gummy bears or worms–Ewww I’m not 8, although Allie says choose the bears and save them for when my pallet expander is out

H.   Hometown–anywhere there is family (corny, yes)

I.      Favorite indulgence–come on, you must know by now!

J.    January or July–July even if it means tourist season has opened

K.    Kids–two, well three if you count the husband, four if you count the dog. Essentially I am freaking out numbered

L.    Life isn’t complete without? Oxygen

M.   Marriage date? I didn’t have a date on my wedding. The groom showed up though

N.   Numbers of brothers/sisters–two brothers and a sister

O.   Oranges or Apples–Apples in an appletini

P.    Phobias–Being without that diaper bag and a hazmat happening

Q.   Quotes–“It’s the first day of school”

R.   Reason to smile–Abby’s expression when I told her I was looking forward to the first day of school.

S.    Season of choice–Fall

T.    Tag 5 people–darn, the link is expired so I can’t tag anyone!

U.   Unknown fact about me–I have never had a beer.
V.    Vegetable–green beans

W.  Worst Habit–laughing at inappropriate times

X.    Xray or Ultrasound–okay, who thought of this one? I would have to say ultrasound because it really is cool to see a baby before it is born.

Y.    Your favorite food–Lobstah

Z.    Zodiac sign–Aquiarias

Now the link-up is closed, but play along! Choose one of the above and tell us about yourself.

4 thoughts on “ABC’s of blogging

  1. icansaymama

    That was fun! Thank you for telling more about yourself! I might do this too, but first I have to blog about two awards – one from you and one from Alana. I am ashamed that I haven't found the time to do that yet 😦



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