There are heroes and then….

There are heroes and then there are SUPER HEROES. Those individuals who leapt buildings in a leaping bound, the wonder women with magical bracelets and an invisible plane.

Man, I’d like an invisible plane. That would be super cool.

When I was younger I wanted to be a member of the A-Team. I thought the Colonel Smith was the best, loving it when a plan comes together. Who wouldn’t have a crush of Faceman? I wanted to big brother like BA Baracus (I thought at least one of his necklaces would look good on me). And Madman Murdock? He was just like this Uncle I had…Anyway I thought, as a tween, I would be cool and safe as a member of the A-Team.

Then I grew up.

And I realized the superheroes are not that common. That a plan doesn’t always come together. That you need to sometimes be a BA to get things accomplished. I also realized something else. Superheroes come in all ages.

The woman who hugged another in an elevator.

The father who pushes his son every year in the Boston Marathon.

The soldiers near and afar who put their lives at risk every day so I can sit in my home and drink my wine.

The makers of my wine.

The grandmother who looked at a child having a temper tantrum and told the parents it does get better.

The doctors who saved my daughter’s life.

The therapists who enrich Boo’s life making her the best she can be.

The school teachers who have more patience than Saint Teresa.

The friends and family who answer my HELP ME calls.

The people who run into the emergency rather than running away.

But I do have one SUPER HERO….


Who looks at her sister with love and empathy. Who has adored her sister from the moment they met.

The sister who braved multiple hospitalizations to see her baby sister. The girl that explains to other children that Boo has a “funny” pattern in her brain that makes her “special”. The girl who has attended so many therapy appointments that she can run her own.  Last week, after coming home from a sleep over, Allie took the time to go through Boo’s speech therapy:

Allie: I
Boo: I
Allie: Want
Boo: Want
Allie: To
Boo: To
Allie: Have
Boo: Have
Allie: Cookies
Boo: COOKIES!!!!!

This is a super hero at just nine years old. Allie possess the ability to calm her sister, to hold on while Boo deal with a hazmat situation, who calms a head-banging moment, helps her swing and jump. Allie is the protector and the “mad” girl who cracks Boo up with her antics.  Kind of like the A-TEAM all mixed into one little package.

It helps that she is cute beyond belief.

I hope to she maintains her membership in the hero society. I cannot wait to see how she changes the world.

Who’s your hero?

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23 thoughts on “There are heroes and then….

  1. The Shitastrophy

    What a wonderful tribute to your little girl Allie! I hope you read this to her i have read a few of my posts to my kids when it is about them – nothing better than seeing my son turn 10 shades of red and then tell me he loves me 🙂


  2. Dana Hemelt

    I think Allie is my superhero too. I can't wait until she comes to stay with me when she's a teenager 😉

    My son has a friend who has autism, and his older sister is unbelievable. Like Allie, she is R's biggest cheerleader, comforter, protector – she's a superhero too. Yay for supergirls!


  3. Considerer

    Ahhhhh well done Allie 🙂 What an amazing gift she has to have so much care and compassion for her sister.

    Not sure who my heroes are. I have literary heroes, real life heroes, blogging heroes…too many really to mention.


  4. Big brother, Little sister.

    Allie I am really excited to see what you do as you grow up and no doubt it will be amazing! Boo and your Mum are really lucky to have you xx You remind me of my daughter who is her brothers biggest support and tormenter actually 😉


  5. Kimbo325

    Allie sounds amazing and your Boo is a doll. I chanced upon your post from the Theme Thursday link up and have spent the last half hour reading through your blog. What a great family you have!


  6. Kristi Campbell

    Kerri my love,
    What a beautiful awesome tribute to Alli. She ROCKS as a big sister. Can we borrow her for some speech therapy for a few weeks? We'll take good care of her. She will, afterall, one day likely be Tucker's sister in law. HAHA to the A Team! I pity the fool who doesn't understand!


  7. K

    OMG I wish I had the words to express just how much I love this post. Allie is amazing (for that matter, your whole family is amazing!)! This made my heart smile. (:



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