So I made a tape…

If I were to make a mix-tape for Tia, someone who deserves a tape for something they did, it would have to include:

Something by Cher because, well she rocks just like Tia does.

Wind beneath my wings by Bette Midler because I remember crying through that movie with her. Tia, not Bette

You’re my best friend by Queen just in case she forgot

Grade 9 by the Barenaked Ladies because well if we were making a mix tape it would have been when we were in grade 9

Don’t you forget about me by Simple Minds because every time I hear that song I think about her. And again, hey grade 9

Now admit it you thought it was a different kind of tape I was talking about, didn’t you?

Jen Kehl
Oh and for those youngins that do not know what a mix tape is, I’ll explain: You see back before the dawn of the internet we had cassette players. We would take our cassette player put it next to Casey’s Top 40 and hit ‘record’ as soon as the song came on we were waiting hours for. We would then spend hours trying to get the songs that declared our love for some one or help a friend through a breakup.
And you thought surfing the internet was a waste of time? Try sitting through 4 hours of the American Top 40 waiting for Journey’s Open Arms.
Crap. I just re-read the rules to this week’s topic and seem to have done it wrong. I should have read past the Tape for someone deserved a mix tape and realized that she also wrote 2000-2013. Well, first I have never once done one of these themes correctly so Jen won’t be surprised.
And second, there is no way in hell I am rewriting this post.
Happy Tuesday everyone.

20 thoughts on “So I made a tape…

  1. Dana Hemelt

    I am laughing my ass off right now, because I knew as soon as I started reading that you weren't sticking with the theme. But your mix tape was great. Open Arms was my boyfriend and my “song” back in the day. I had the album – damn, I'm old.


  2. Kristi Campbell

    Kerri, you crack me UP. Ha. I totally remember sitting in front of the HUGE stereo waiting for something I love to come on so that I could record it. The trick was getting as few of the DJ's words in as possible, and not cutting off too much of it.
    I'm going to have “hey hey hey hey!” in my head all day now. Love it.


  3. clark

    I will resist the one up on this, (it is not quite as cool when you get to say, 'hey I remember even before that!' lol)

    but the concept (of the original mixtapes) was as cool as the concept is today, medium might have changed but the idea of 'hey!! you got to hear this song!' is still as strong (among friends) as it ever was.
    sharing music is something special… (imo) due to the incredible capacity of music to capture times in our lives… very good Post


  4. troy P.

    I liked this mix very much, and liked the idea that you went all “rebel” with your theme =) Now, when you make the tape, PLEASE make sure that you don't hit “record” until the announcer is finished talking through the intro!



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