While visiting family this weekend Allie had the unexpected surprise of adventure.  Believe it or not, this is in someone’s backyard. He should be featured on extreme tree houses.

Of course Dad had to take a ride

And Mom had to make sure it was safe

Allie now is trying to convince us that we should have one of these at our house. She invited our friend to come live with us and build her one.

 Boo hid in the garage and told us all to be CA-FUL. 

17 thoughts on “Zip

  1. Becca

    Wow, FUN!! I went zip lining for the first time at a ski resort last weekend, and LOVED it! Samantha was not too happy that I was doing it, either. She was sitting with my husband by the gate to the zip platform while I was getting my harness on, and when he asked her what the sign on the gate said (it was a warning sign not to go beyond that point without the appropriate safety gear), she said, “No Mommies Allowed!” LOL


  2. Sylvia

    We used to have one of those! Not quite as elaborate though. It just had handles to hang onto, not a seat!

    Bethany just spotted Boo's picture and was fascinated by her. She thinks Boo is very cute!


  3. Stacey Nicole

    I am sorry, but I am with Boo on this one. If, and that is a big IF I were to get on one, no matter how small, I certainly would not hold on one handed. Glad three of you had fun, though!


  4. Considerer

    Oh AWESOME That looks like so much fun. We've a HUGE one in the park opposite the house and Niece likes to ride it standing up! Heart in throat time! She's so strong and agile though, never fallen off yet.

    (also, photos WOW!)


  5. Kristi Campbell

    Something is wrong with me because I love these so much that I wonder why we don't have friends like this. I mean. I love love love your photos and your fun and your awesomeness because DUH. But I want friends who have this!!!!


  6. Tatum

    so when we win that powerball…it's coming, I know it is…we are going someplace exotic (but not so exotic there is no wine and good vodka) and amazing and we're zip lining over the waterfall to the end of the rainbow. okay?

    Seriously, amazing pics and perfect memories.



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