Knock on wood, please

A while ago I asked a bunch of you the secrets of potty training. Allie was relatively easy. See she HAD to be trained by 2.9 otherwise she would not be able to go to preschool. I took 9 months to train her. Not the entire 9 months but I gave myself time and patience.

I personally think potty training is the hardest thing in the world to teach a child. I mean really how can you explain that your bladder is full, let alone that the sensation you currently feel running down your leg is pee?

It is trial and error. Allie was kind of easy. It took a bit, but she got it.

Boo scared the crap out of me. Okay, not literally. Well maybe.

Then she started showing interest in the potty. She is so petite the toilet wasn’t stabilizing enough for her. So I did something I swore I would NEVER do and went and got the dreaded….

Yup, I caved and got the potty chair. Now before you judge, I just never got it. To me having a portable toilet that the kid can move into the kitchen (ew), the living room or the bedroom (ewe) was more than I can handle.

Here is where Boo’s sense of order comes into play. She KNOWS that the potty remains in the bathroom. Thank the good Lord and all that is Holy.

I worked with her school, they have a training regimen they were willing to try. So last Monday Boo went to school in her big girl panties. Okay, she went to school in her diaper with big girl panties in her bag.

And she did it.

The first time they put her on the toilet she went. Then she went again and again.

It has been a little over a week and she hasn’t had an accident. Okay, she has had one accident. But I wasn’t home with her when it happened. I am not blaming the dad person who was home at the time…..I’m just saying that Boo continues to amaze me.

I am in awe.

This little girl who cannot tell me if she is hungry, tired or why she is hitting her head has enough understanding of her body to know that she has to go.

She goes on a schedule, but she also tells us to “ome ere” and will bring us into the bathroom. Okay, too much information.

But I am one proud mama.


8 thoughts on “Knock on wood, please

  1. Janine Huldie

    Yay for Boo and seriously she is too cute!! But this is awesome and you do have every right to be one proud mama!!! On a side note, I am so glad potty training is now behind me and couldn't agree with you more that this is truly one of the hardest jobs we have when they are this little. So couldn't agree with you more there!!


  2. Julie Sparks

    Fantastic!!! It was the same way for us. Joe (who was verbal at the time) took years to train and had numerous accidents and Alan who was non verbal pretty much trained himself in a week. Sigh. These little ones like to keep us guessing!! 🙂


  3. Jessica Sweeney

    Yay, Boo! That is awesome. 🙂 It is very hard to teach. My mom and I held a “boot camp” for my son and he pretty much sat on the toilet one whole Sunday. But he did it and he learned and he has had few accidents since. I'm so proud of Boo for learning so easily. PS: Such a cute picture of her on her potty! 🙂


  4. in the coop

    Yahoo for both of you! We've had all levels of potty training, from in a day with no accidents to months with disasters around every corner. So glad it was easy for you this time around. (I just knocked on my desk, so you should be good.)


  5. Big brother, Little sister.

    Gosh she is growing more beautiful x hooray for toilet/potty training!!! Huge huge milestone!!! Who cares where she does it! Coops trained at age 5 when I never thought he would it's a life changer! Pep was 2.4 and she's already assisting Woody with his toileting with any luck I won't have to step in! 😉



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