The week in thanks, I don’t know what number

This week I am thankful for quite a lot….

10. My nephews and pseudo niece visited last weekend making Allie and Boo’s week.

9. Unlike other children, mine are home and safe.

8. Unlike other friends, the government shutdown hasn’t threatened my mortgage.

7. David attended the field trip.

6. Allie had the BEST RIDE EVER

5. Crafty Aunt K will be recruited to make the Halloween costume and pumpkin carving since I am not worthy (according to Allie). K you have been warned!

4. Boo has only had two accidents this week. I am counting that as an potty success.

3. Zach raised the money needed for his service dog!! Thank you for everyone who contributed to his campaign. Zach will get his forever friend next summer. I will keep you posted.
2. The Patriots came from behind and won on Sunday. It was quite amazing and unexpected. Apologies to the Saints fans.

1. Bailey our crazy puppy turned crazy dog had to have surgery due to his addiction to eating sticks. Thankfully the surgery went well and while Boo was sad not to hug him she seemed to understand that she had to be gentle. Now if the freaking pup would stop eating sticks I would be even more than thankful.

What are you thankful for this week?

Ten Things of Thankful

4 thoughts on “The week in thanks, I don’t know what number

  1. Janine Huldie

    Plenty to be thankful for and huge potty success, way to go Boo!! Glad your dog is ok and my in-law's dogs are always getting into something they shouldn't, but never needed surgery for it, but still have made themselves sick from time to time, too. Hope you are having a great weekend now!!


  2. Lizzy Allan

    my son doesn't believe me worthy of any crafty pursuits either! and whenever I do make something simple he compliments me multiple times as if he genuinely can't believe I actually managed to make something! lol Love the photo of Allie on her horse. Hope you have a lovely week,



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