Just buy a painted house

Remember I wrote about Abby and David doing a word problem? It went like this:

Bob has 3 apples. Susan has 9 more apples than Bob. If Susan has 20 apples how many does Bob have?

David: 3
Abby: I have no idea.
Me: 11

David: No, he has 3 it says it right THERE. This is a trick question!

Last night we watched the movie Little Big League. For all you suffering from 4th grade math homework (or heck any homework) this one’s for you!


7 thoughts on “Just buy a painted house

  1. Misty @ Meet The Cottons

    totally had to reread that math problem! what is it with school work these days? i just had to google about a question on patty's homework a week or so ago. and she's in first grade! you know somewhere a teacher is just reduced to snickers knowing that we are all sitting at the kitchen table with our kids scratching our heads about these problems!



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