Dealer’s Choice

Jen was obviously tired of dealing with me, so she gave us a Mix-tape directive of “Dealer’s Choice”. Hmmmmm how can I mess with her? Since I am the dealer, I guess whatever I say goes.

But I think dealer’s choice equals gambling. And you cannot be a Gambler without a little Kenny.

Rogers that is.

Yes, another Muppets Video. Only in the 70’s could you get away with gambling on a kid’s show. Jim Henson rocked.

Funny, most Gambling songs are Country. And we know how much Jen and Kristi enjoy country. Mr. Brooks had a take what happens when you gamble in love.

Yes, beyond corny. But well it is Garth. How can anyone named Garth not be corny?

Okay, not Garth. But can you believe there was a show called Hee Haw and it was on for over 20 freaking years. That is real years, not redneck years.

Moving on….another great dealer’s choice song is a throw back and back to rock. Steely Dan, well they were no other words but great.

How can you go wrong with a little ABBA?

Okay, a lot of ABBA you need an intervention. But a little goes a long way.

Last but certainly not least on this Dealer’s choice I mix-up this mix-tape with some AC/DC. Except I couldn’t find an AC/DC video so I went with the Joker by Steve Miller Band. Not quite the same, but still a gambler’s dream.

Now be honest, do you think this is what Jen meant by Dealer’s Choice?

11 thoughts on “Dealer’s Choice

  1. Dana Hemelt

    I think Jen meant do whatever you want, and I love what you did with this mix tape! My sister and I used to act out The Gambler in our living room – Lord knows how many times my poor parents had to hear that song. Over and over and over…


  2. Christine

    Oh, Kerri, you make me laugh. And realize what a dork I am. I know all of those songs, and sing along with them all, too, yet I had no idea two of them were about cards.

    You played that deal very well.



    And you LOSE!! You so did not mess with me lady! You possibly made one of my favorite mixes EVER. I love every one of these songs. And Hee Haw and The Muppet Show, which btw I have all the episodes on DVD. So I'm gonna pull me out some Kenny Rogers later. ALSO Redneck Years? Dude I almost spit my drink on my computer! LOVE YOU!


  4. Kristi Campbell

    OMG now I know why every time we visit my husband's family it feels like such a LONG vacation. Redneck years are SLOWER or faster or whatever would make them feel longer. Phew. Also? Your mix totally rocks. And sorry but Garth's “The Dance” is NOT cheesy. You can mail the lyrics to ex-lovers to tell them how sorry you are that you stomped on their hearts! Jim Henderson totally rocked. But not as much as you.


  5. Sylvia

    OMG! I used to watch HeeHaw all the time. My mother loved it! I remember her rolling up my hair in old fashioned sponge curlers and Dippety Doo while we watched it!


  6. Rich Rumple

    Sometimes all I can say is “Great Minds!” I almost did the same thing as you and went with a gambling / cards theme. You forgot “Ace of Spades” by Motorhead, though! Oh well, I'm guessing you're not the metalhead I thought you to be. lol Great job, Kerri!



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