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No interest

I have no interest in being a person who wallows. I do not want to be a blog that focuses on one theme. I think of this blog as my therapy. If I am lucky it is your therapy too because you realize you are not alone.

Whether your child is healthy and ornery like Abby or challenging like Boo or your house has a crazy puppy who is equal parts loving and destroying your house. I want all to feel welcome and to feel a connection.
Then there are days like today. The day that started out promising, too rainy to run. Waking up early to realize that the morning goes smoothly without incident. You knew it was too good to last.

It started innocently enough. With your daughter telling you that her pants had a whole in the, well, crotch yesterday. A boy on the bus noticed and it ended up into a discussion about who had an elephant trunk and who was flat.

Yeah. I went there. 

You tell the boys mom. Because you want to make sure that 1. she knows your child typically does not go into school with a hole in her crotch (unless she is Kristi) and 2. that you made sure there was no inappropriate show & tell on the bus that would get either kid suspended from elementary school. The other mom kind of reacted differently than you, had ‘the talk’ with her child. You felt bad because you saw and admitted to the inappropriate humor to the situation. The fact that Kristi saw the humor and said HEY RIGHT A BLOG POST ABOUT IT made you feel better.

You think that is the most you would have to deal with in a day. You think hey I handled this maturely. I answered my daughter’s questions in a way that she understood and didn’t feel embarrassed about. I promised not to tell her dad. Thank GOD he doesn’t read the blog since I never promised her I wouldn’t tell the world. 

Then the other shoe drops. Boo happens. She has a meltdown at school and at home. Abby tries to compensate by being the good girl. She tries to placate Boo but I stop her because I do not want to reward Boo’s behavior.

I realize that I am wallowing. I am stuck in this mantra that Boo is sucking the life out of us. That as awesome as she is, she is draining.  That I suck at this. That I cannot stop wondering where Spring is. When life will get easier.

When Boo will not demand so much energy (probably not going to happen). That I will not have to demand a doctor pay attention.

That I will not think life would be easier with the Abby issues.

I never intended to resent Boo. But sometimes I do.  Sometimes I suck at this whole “special” parenting thing.

Something else I never expected to do. I never had an interest in being a parent, let alone a parent of a child with challenges. Sometimes it is great. Sometimes it sucks. Most times it is not the life I intended.

But it is my life and I am doing the best I can, even when it seems I’m not.

Finish the Sentence Friday

I will miss you

DJ Jen, for personal reasons, is putting the Mix Tape on indefinite hiatus. I am trying to believe it is not because I have this thing of messing with her mix-tapes.

But I am seriously going to miss the mix-tapes. I never thought I was a DJ but going back down memory lane was fun. That is what I am going to focus on this week. Missing the days gone by….

And remembering those that went before we were ready to let them leave. Cause Jen you are a legend, if only in my own mind.

Last but never least, my Jimmy….

Jen we will be friends for as long as you take my e-mails and Facebook posts. Thank you for always letting me play even when I completely messed up the mix tape. One of these days we will meet for that Margarita and enjoy that Last Mango.

My Skewed View

My choice so I am fooling around

About a year or so ago Jen Kehl introduced us to the Mix Tape. Today she has given me the choice to make any choice I want. As you know, there is nothing I want to do more with a mix tape than to mess with Jen. Since it is April Fool’s Day that she made it YOUR CHOICE is just asking for trouble.

I thought the best way to handle this “choice” is to show how many ways that I have messed with Jen. But alas, I am only allowed to choose five. And Jen, since these are all previously posted I am making it easy on you. You just have to read the post and not listen to the songs.

The first time I ever did a mix tape I messed it up. Seriously not on purpose. But it became the start of a trend. Always sure I was using the right theme and well…not. I thought the theme was Stalker. But well it wasn’t and Kristi called me out on it. But this is my favorite song from that week. Back then I was such an idiot not only did I not know how to post the link back to Jen’s I didn’t realize Blogger had a You Tube thing to post actual videos.

Jen was probably happy I couldn’t figure out the link back. Then I made a mix tape for a friend….except I wasn’t supposed to. 

After a while Jen friended me on Twitter so I would no longer miss the theme. I admit I kind of got creative. She asked for Dealer’s Choice…I gave her gambling songs. I also gave her ABBA because you cannot get into trouble with ABBA.

Then for no reason I completely disregarded Jen’s rules and made a mix-tape just for Jen. See Jen is this great Zen personality but like all of us she has moments of Holy Crap I cannot take on one more thing. Just to remind her and thank her for letting me play along this year….

Happy April Fool’s everyone. I am glad to be your Foolish DJ

My Skewed View


You know that favorite song on the radio or one that wasn’t quite your favorite but then you hear it live and think….THIS IS IT. This is what the songwriter had in mind when they wrote this song. This song now means something to me. 

My friend Jen Kehl took my idea this week and is making all her DJ’s come up with mix-tapes of five songs you loved but blew you away when you saw them live. I think she did it so I wouldn’t mess up the topic this week.

My first concert was Barry Mannilow, with my mom and two of her friends. The fourth friend bailed at the last minute. I got to go, all dressed up and feeling beyond adult at age 12, go out to dinner with the ladies and order off the main menu. No kids menu tonight! 
To be at the concert and see these (in my 12-year old mind) OLD ladies dancing and screaming and wishing they were Lola….

I know I’m a dweeb. But that concert was the first time I saw my mom as not a mom. As a woman. One who had friends and a life outside our home that wasn’t always the happiest. When I heard this next Barry song, saw my mom’s tears and got it. I got that my mom was Susan. She was woman. She was proud and she was someone I should respect. Every time this song comes on the radio I think of her. In that moment. With her friends. And me, lucky enough to experience it.

Miranda Lambert. We saw her as an opening act for Toby Keith before she was famous. I had loved her from Nashville Star and was psyched to see her live. She rocked this song and David turned to me and became a country music fan. It might have been the gun powder or leather bustier.  

Regular readers of this blog understand that, to me, life should be a Buffet song. The thing is Jimmy’s studio albums…well they aren’t the best. I mean they are okay, really. But until you see him live you have no freaking idea what you are missing. And his covers? I was never a Dead fan…but fell in love with this song Jimmy did live.

Last but not least….another Buffet song. Jimmy can work a crowd for sure. I hope you can find that Particular Harbor and it gets you through the week….

Thank you, my friend, Jen Kehl for letting me do the prompt this week. Oh and if you have a chance check out her son Isiah’s blog. Seriously the kid will blow you away!!!

My Skewed View

I’m guilty

I admit it, I’m guilty of sucking at Valentine’s Day. I am guilty of forgetting to get David a card until minutes before the deadline. I refuse to get the children gifts. David, I went all 1980’s and made a mix-tape, well CD, for him of his favorite 1980’s music. Jen would be proud. But like all of my mix-tapes it was probably the wrong theme of the week!

Before  we were married I went all out for V-day. We would go away for the weekend especially if it fell, like this year, on a 3-day weekend. A huge gift, a sappy card and something from Victoria’s. Those days are long gone my friends.

Now it is just another day for me. Which makes me sad in some ways. But more angry in others. Why do the marketing geniuses have to make me guilty for Valentine’s Day? Isn’t it enough that I tell my husband and children that I tell them I love them every day. Multiple times during the day:

  • When they wake up
  • When I or they leave
  • When I talk to them on the phone
  • When I or they come home
  • When I am about to scream loud enough to cause a sonic boom over homework but still say I love you but DO YOUR FREAKING HOMEWORK

I counted and yesterday I told every member of the family I loved them a total of 173 times. That number may or may not be made up. But wait there is more! I also show them I love them every day:

  • When I feed them
  • When I shower them (the girls not David)
  • When I provide clean clothes
  • When I do not murder them for not starting the laundry (the David not the girls)
  • When I give them the last brownie–homemade mind you
  • When I do not throw away all their toys when I step on a Barbie shoe in my bare feet
  • When I put down the wonderful book I am reading (Fault in Our Stars) to play a game with them
  • When I do not let them win at Connect Four

Combined I spend every minute of the day (awake, asleep and somewhat comatose) loving my family.  Why on earth do I have to spend $6 proving it with a card? 

So I plead guilty. I am guilty of not falling into the trap of Merchandiser’s Valentine’s Day.

Finish the Sentence Friday

Got my motivation….

The DJ Jen needs some songs to get motivated. It is hard enough to motivate myself yet I am there for a friend in need. But motivated for what? That is where I struggled. Then I listened to some really bad radio.

So Jen, here are the five songs guaranteed to motivate me to change the station!

What does the Fox say? Even my 10 year old hates this song. Luckily for me she knows the first few chords (are they chords?) and will alert me to change the station now? One day in the car I didn’t change fast enough and when it said What does the Fox say? Abby replied: Look out….it’s hunting season.

I have no idea why this next song bugs me so bad. But in the 80’s until today at noon when it came on again it just makes my stomach clench.

This should be a rule. If you are going to remake a song, make sure you can kill it. In the good way. Like Jimmy Buffet did with Scarlet Begonias or Southern Cross. Do not try to recreate perfection, fail and then put it on my radio.

I love Christmas music. I truly love it and would listen to it all year round if that wouldn’t make me a candidate for intervention. But some songs just don’t make sense. First I don’t even know what figgy pudding is. Second if you are going to demand it before you leave trust me something will be stuck up your nose. It might not be figgy pudding. Seriously think of the lyrics…it is the Christmas Stalking Song as Dr. Doofenshmirtz rightly proclaims.

And last but not least the song that has Abby & I screaming Change the Station NOW!!! If anyone tries to blur the lines with my daughter? Well, boyfriend hunting season should be year round!

This has been a motivation mix-tape for the wonderful Jen Kehl. Be sure to visit the other DJ’s and get motivated!

I made a mistake

Two apologies in one week? Nope! Jen over at Twisted Mix Tuesday wants a playlist for the time she I made a mistake. And she covered herself by saying it doesn’t have to be in love, cause there are all types of mistakes after all. 

Generally a mistake happens not because you did something wrong but because you got caught. Seriously, would Bill Clinton ever have apologized if not for a blue dress? Here is my list of you should’ve known better before you needed to confess to your parents, your spouse, your nation and/or your God.

The Dixie Chicks stepped in it. Not for having their view but for having the nerve to say their view in a foreign country thereby offending every one of their base. You know, the ones that buy the records (they are still called records, right?). It didn’t help that this would have been a non-issue had our next gentleman made sure everyone knew about it.

Tobey, Tobey, Tobey….I like your music. You have one of the best concerts ever. But please remember, you are a musician not a politician. This song proves your depth, your feeling and why you are the way you are. Knowing that you wanted to reach out one more time to a friend. Priceless. That you were honest enough to say you were crying more for yourself? We’ve all been there.

Madonna probably had more songs about mistakes in the 80’s & 90’s than most of us in our lifetime. Papa Don’t Preach was great because it had Danny Aiello, who I wanted to be my dad in the worst way in the 80’s. Who didn’t after Moonstruck?  But it was also the song that any girl who ever found herself ‘in that way’ felt. That they probably were due the lecture but needed the support.

This is officially the biggest mix-upped tape I have ever compiled. I’ve covered Nation, God and Dad. Now about that spouse:

Elton, oh he could say sorry without saying it at all. Oh and there should be one last mistake song. As in a mistake this song was written, performed and put onto the internet:

Come on now, I dare you to use that as a pick-up line.  How about you? What is your song that says oops you did it, again?

You cheating scum

There are way too many country songs about cheating. I don’t want to be predictable….too much anyway other than mixing up Jen’s Mix. There are so many ways to cheat after all…

Don Henley’s voice, his passion over what was going on in Wall Street way before it was on the network news, long before the 99 percenters. Sure it was about the 87 crash, however I think it is still appropriate today.

When some of us decided to back a race over the people, they cheated on the American Dream. Martin Luther King, JR gave us the voice of reason. U2 gave us the melody.

When the social elite decided to send other men’s sons to war and kept their own safe and sound CCR called them out for the cheating scum they were.


I was a child in the 70’s, but 9-5 showed that there was a way to break that glass ceiling and to break the cheating bosses!

Dealer’s Choice

Jen was obviously tired of dealing with me, so she gave us a Mix-tape directive of “Dealer’s Choice”. Hmmmmm how can I mess with her? Since I am the dealer, I guess whatever I say goes.

But I think dealer’s choice equals gambling. And you cannot be a Gambler without a little Kenny.

Rogers that is.

Yes, another Muppets Video. Only in the 70’s could you get away with gambling on a kid’s show. Jim Henson rocked.

Funny, most Gambling songs are Country. And we know how much Jen and Kristi enjoy country. Mr. Brooks had a take what happens when you gamble in love.

Yes, beyond corny. But well it is Garth. How can anyone named Garth not be corny?

Okay, not Garth. But can you believe there was a show called Hee Haw and it was on for over 20 freaking years. That is real years, not redneck years.

Moving on….another great dealer’s choice song is a throw back and back to rock. Steely Dan, well they were no other words but great.

How can you go wrong with a little ABBA?

Okay, a lot of ABBA you need an intervention. But a little goes a long way.

Last but certainly not least on this Dealer’s choice I mix-up this mix-tape with some AC/DC. Except I couldn’t find an AC/DC video so I went with the Joker by Steve Miller Band. Not quite the same, but still a gambler’s dream.

Now be honest, do you think this is what Jen meant by Dealer’s Choice?

The Ultimate Soundtrack

When making my mix-tape this week (on time!) I tried to stay current and then realized that the last 4 movies I have seen were from Disney. Oh, and Grease since that is Boo’s current obsession. Proving I am a product of my teen years my ultimate soundtrack would have to include:

We should probably live by the line: Just once in his life a man has his time and that time is NOW and I am coming alive?

If you are going to have a soundtrack then you need John Cusack to pay your mix tape. In a boom box outside your window.

I always felt bad for Ducky and after St. Elmo’s Fire I never really liked Andrew McCarthy anyway.


I fell in love, LOVE, I tell you with Lou Diamond Phillips thanks to La Bamba and of course he played the best Young Gun…

Bon Jovi, Lou Diamond Phillips and a great song? What a way to end my teenage years. But uh to live like a teen in my mix tape, if only Cusack would be in my driveway. Cause I know, just know, if he went to my high school he totally would have crushed on me.