Joy’s 2013 wrap up

Joy has invited all of us to join her in wrapping up the year that was. She even provided the prompts, because she is so sweet and helpful.

Joy @ i can say mama: 2013 Wrap up

Gained or lost weight? I freaking GAINED!!! While running I gained 5 freaking pounds. How unfair is that? I wasn’t running to lose weight, rather for stress and exercise. But to GAIN rather than maintain or lose. I call unfair.

Predominant feeling in 2013? If I had to chose one “feeling” to sum up 2013 I would have to say content. Overall it was a great year. Sure I stressed, I cried, I ran, I jumped with joy. But I end this year with a sense of contentment. I did the best I could and am happy with where my family is today.

Predominant feeling in 2014? It hasn’t happened yet 🙂

Something I did for the first time in 2013? I did a four-mile obstacle race and didn’t die (Abby was worried)

Something you did again in 2013 after a long pause? Running. And I enjoy it now which is weird.

Something you unfortunately did not do in 2013? Pay attention to the sign “NO DIVING”.

Word of the year? Literally. Abby has found this word and is literally using it incorrectly every time she says it. Literally.

City of the year? Boston Strong, of course!

Hair longer or shorter? The same. I’m boring that way.

More or less money spent? More, sad but true.

Highest mobile phone bill? Let’s not focus on how the money may have been spent.

Hospital stays? No, thank goodness!

(Fallen) In love? Every day

Most called person? David. Sure it is usually to ask him to pick up food, but it counts.

Whom did you spend the most beautiful time with? Okay anyway I answer this I am in trouble.

What did you spend most of your time with? Probably Facebook.

Song of the year? My favorite or American top 40’s? Mine would have to be Cruise by Florida/Georgia Line (the remix)

Book of the year? Defending Jacob

TV show/movie of the year? Big Bang Theory that show never gets old for me

Insight of the year? That I am not alone

Three things you totally could have done without? Diet coke, Miley Cyrus and Abby throwing up

Most beautiful event? Boo dancing on the sand

More short-sighted or more far-sighted than 2013? Short-sighted.

The most dangerous thing you did? Obstacle race. People there was a 10 foot wall!

The most expensive thing you bought? IPHONE

The most delicious meal or food you ate? Scallops at Bob Chin’s in Chicago

The best party? Any that I host, I just have the best time doing it.

The most important thing you wanted to convince somebody of? That they are not alone

The most beautiful present you gave to somebody? I think giving someone Thanksgiving dinner for my brothers birthday.

The most beautiful present that somebody gave you? My brother donated to Children’s Hospital in my name.

The most beautiful sentence someone said to you? Ov you

The most beautiful sentence you said to someone? I’ll let you live if you don’t eat the last piece of chocolate in the house.

How will you celebrate New Year’s Eve? At home where I will wake Abby up at 11:40 to watch the ball drop.

What will you have for dinner? Take-out, probably Chinese

What drinks will be in your glasses to clink? Hello, do you not know me? Pinot Grigio baby

Will you ignite any fireworks? Dude there is no way I am answering this question and going to jail

What are you going to wear? Comfy or glamorous? Comfy, always comfy

Did you have any resolutions for 2013? And how about 2014?  You can read about my resolutions here and how I did at the half-way point here. 2014 I only have two: to run a half-marathon and to not scream at my child/husband so loud the neighbors hear me.

What are your wishes for the new year? If you tell a wish it won’t come true…

In one word: 2013 was…spectacular. Literally.

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